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We Just Can not be Sporting Nation.

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Sporting Nation

There is no doubt in it that sports activities guide youngsters to develop self-confidence in them. They can emerge as responsible individuals and contribute for the bright future of the nation with their active involvement in the sports activities. India though can’t be a sporting nation in the present perspective when several other issues are of grotesque nature whose rightful dealing through taking firm initiatives is a must. Youngsters have their equal share in their nation building roles in India. 

Discontenting factors are always noticeable in the sporting events happening in the Indian subcontinent. Recent disappointments have been witnessed from the large scale corruption whenever any big sports event was organized in the country. The big question before us is whether India is ready to organize the sporting events which finish successfully without any folly. The problem is that there is always lack of consistency amongst the organizers—and in some cases sportspersons too are involved in wrongdoing.  

Before we support the notion that India can be a sporting nation (and to some extent it has emerged big name in the international foray for several initiatives in the recent past) let’s bring in focus most recent events which have literally ashamed the country. Its embarrassments are so much that whole country is taken lightly. Corruption from the upper management levels till the bottom one in recently concluded Commonwealth Games (CWG) should therefore be kept into consideration prior to generating objective idea if India is truly a sporting country in the present scenario. 
India will definitely become a sporting nation to be praised by others because it has that potential to emerge on international platform. But the unfortunate aspect is that there is lack of consistency hence there is hardly political willpower to sustain an idea. The country has to attain a position of corruption-free sports approach. The moment our leaders think and act on the serious restructuring of the sporting bodies and make them truly worthwhile with genuine use of infrastructure the country will move ahead with a renewed farsightedness. 
Such initiations could be from the appointment of a visionary sports minister on the central level and a strong team of regional supporting sports ministries in various states. All of them must be accountable to their jobs and can prove to be best sports policymakers with best vision for the youngsters. 
Winning some medals on either national or international fronts won’t bring India into the league of the achievers. Just have a look on the Indian population and do a thorough study of the sports winners from the huge population for calculative and comparative judgment if the proportion is appropriate. There are countless tiny countries whose players do well then us. In fact the political and social setups of all those countries always differ from India. That is why many such countries (take for example Cuba and others) remain ahead of us when it comes to performing in the sports activities. 
Indian youths have multiple challenges beforehand which they have to face with total determination. The best part is that they also have excellent avenues for that the initiatives on personal levels always remain the key factors. It is true that discrepancies can’t be eradicated in a day and India may not become a corruption-free nation overnight but a drastic and revolutionary change can definitely be brought in our democratic setup. India is a country where democratic approach is not only concentrated in its political system but the application is equally common in the social strategies. If young generation comes up to make change then surely there would be larger impact. 
It should therefore be understood well that we shouldn’t be pessimistic about the progresses in the sports sectors. Saying that we just can’t be a sporting nation due to the multiplicity of hurdles won’t resolve this issue. A firm step has to be taken by looking into the future. Once it is done then there is no doubt in it that the steps will prove rewarding experience and India may turn into most sporting nation. 
The question here is how India can transform into a sporting nation. Introspection is a must to evaluate our follies. The sports authorities at the ministerial levels have to make strong and favorable strategies for sports. Authorities must ensure that best facilities are provided to all segments of the Indian sports and welcomes the international partners with providing them world-class sporting opportunities for many partnerships. It would seek attention of those nations whose sports plans are focused. 
Strict steps must be taken to suppress corruption through total transparency in sports projects. Only genuine sportspersons should get chance to participate in the trainings and sports competitions. The preparation has to start from the very beginning—from school level training itself. Once the adolescents are trained in their desired sports activities from school level itself they later turn into the crème de la crèmes as future sports leaders. Their roles in bringing the country on the international level can’t be ruled out when the approach is visionary. 
The present sports statistics is disappointing with almost 95 percent of Indian schools hardly have any facility for sports activities. Now imagine if such is the case then how can a firm approach for the sports activity will move ahead. The current situation indicates that this country can’t be a sporting nation. 
Primary steps India has to take are finding the obstacles and developing strong strategy about them besides resolving the related issues without making any delay. Ardent need is to draft a comprehensive sports policy and translate it into practicality on all stages. An outstanding sports policy will definitely help India to emerge as a country of sportsmen where there are large chunk of sports lovers and most importantly there is no dearth of sportspersons as well. The only need is that they should be nourished properly so that the question that “we just can’t be a sports nation” doesn’t arise anymore.  
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