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Female Feticide in India

Female Feticide in India

Female Feticide refers to intentionally killing a fetus on the basis of its sex. Many people, on finding out, that the child to be born is a girl child, often end up carrying out an abortion and killing the fetus. This practice is illegal and banned in almost all nations of the world including India. However, the problem of female feticide still continues to grow in India. Every year thousands of parents abort their child because they are girls. Even stringent laws and acts have been unable to control the problem in the country.  

The graveness of the situation can be understood after collating the statistics. Two decades back, in 1991, there ratio of number of girls to the number of boys was 947 to 1000. After a decade, when the census was conducted in 2001, there were 927 girls for every 1000 boys. The condition has grown to become worse over the years. The numbers have continued to decline even after all the measures taken by the government and laws passed against the crime of female feticide. 
In some parts of the country, the incidence of female feticide has been much higher than in others. Haryana remains the worst state when it comes to killing the girl child or counting incidences of female feticide. In Haryana, the conditions have sunken to such levels that in a few districts, there are almost no girls left to be married to the men in Haryana. According to a recent survey, it has been noted that there are about 850 girls for every 1000 men in Haryana. This number is quite low when compared to the national average of 927 girls for every 1000 boys.  Unfortunately, in a few states of Haryana, the figure is as low as 770 girls per every 1000 boys. The figures are rather more shocking because they are of a state which accounts for the highest contribution to the Gross Domestic Production of the country. 
In Haryana, the situation has hit an all time low. In some villages, there are no girls to be married to Haryana Jat Boys. The parents of these boys are now seeking allegiances in other states. There are cases of parents who got their daughter –in-law from as far as Kerala. The people in Haryana do not want to get their daughters married to the local suitors. Therefore, there are many boys in Haryana who are unable to find a bride at the suitable age and hence seek matrimony in other states. Many such men, who are unable to find a suitable wife, end up “buying” them from other states through a broker.  These brokers buy girls from other states or even kidnap them at times. 
The life for such girls becomes extremely miserable. It is extremely hard to cope up in a society where the girls are not even respected or given their due. Not just this but it is also difficult to adjust in an environment which is totally new to the girl. Given the present scenario, the day is not far away when there will be only one woman left for four men. When this happens, the life of women will become all the more miserable. Three fourth of the men in society will have to live without getting married or having a family. 
The condition is more or less similar in Punjab. The sex ratio has declined in the state over the years and is continuing to decrease. As a matter of fact, the conditions in some districts of Punjab are worse than that of Haryana. The sex ratio has also declined in other states like Maharashtra, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat etc. 
The government has passed very stringent laws to curb the heinous crime of female feticide. However, the condition still remains bad. There are many illegal centers where the sex of the child is determined before birth and where illegal abortions are also conducted. Unfortunately, the sex determination and illegal abortion industry has become a thousand crore business and even more. Though not many cases of female feticide are reported each day, the fact is that it is a bane which is still prevalent in the India Society. 80% of the Indian states have witnessed a declining sex ratio is evident of this fact. Many news channels have also reported cases of female feticide. 
The government of India has passed many strict laws to control this crime. However, the implementation of these programs has not been completely successful in controlling female feticide. Until and unless, the government of India educates the people against the female feticide and work on changing the outlook of people towards the girl child on the ground level, conditions will not change much. Apart from this, it is also important that the government of India passes more strict laws and makes it a point to implement them and implicate all those who fall under the category of violators. 
The age long degradation of girl child should stop now. If things are not controlled even now, that day is not far away when there will be very few girls left in this nation and the men will cry over their decision of not having a girl child. 
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