Sugar is essentially an edible carbohydrate which is sweet in flavor and crystalline in appearance. Sugar is one of those food essentials, you can’t really live without. It is used in every third food item that one makes. A lot of people associate sugar with just the kitchen. However, sugar finds a lot of use in the industrial purposes too. The sugar is essentially in the form of glucose, fructose and lactose. Owing to its widespread usage, the sugar cane industry is one of the biggest in the world. It provides employment to many people and form the major export of many nations across the world.  

The sugar is extracted from either sugarcane or the sugar beet. However, the sugarcane remains the primary raw material for sugar production in the world. Since sugar is such a vital thing, it is important that one understands and knows how the sugar is produced.   To start with, a person needs to get the best sugarcane to turn it into sugar. The process starts by cleaning the sugarcane and getting the sugarcanes chopped into pieces by machines. The next process is to get the juices out from the sugarcane. The remainder cane (void of juice) is used for producing fuels or other purposes. 
The juice is then passed through an elaborate process to clear it of all the impurities. The clean juice is then boiled to produce concentrated and denser sugar syrup.  The impurities extracted during the process of sugar making can be used as fertilizers. Next through the water evaporation technique, small sugar crystals are obtained in the sugar syrup, which are extracted and dried to get sugar crystals. The sugar crystals obtained are brownish in shade and they are further refined to get the white clear crystalline sugar. Yet another byproduct of the sugar production is the Molasses which can be used for feeding cattle. Thus, not only the sugar produced is utilized for domestic and industrial purposes, the byproducts of the process are quite useful too. 
A lot of people believe that the sugar is primarily used only for the domestic purposes.  It is true that sugar is an essential ingredient in all kinds of deserts, beverages and many food items; the use of sugar is not limited to only the domestic things. The sugar is also used for many industrial purposes. For instance, skin can enhance complexion and even deal with acne and hence, it is used in some creams with lemon.  Sugar is used to make glucose. Apart from that, it is also used in some medicines and syrups. Similarly, it is also a part of the beverages. The sugar is also used to make ceramic wares. Sugar is also used to make sugar alcohol, sugar loaves, caramel etc. These are just a few things where the sugar is used for industrial purposes. There can be many more examples. 
Sugar finds much usage in the domestic life. One can use sugar for many things. For instance, sugar can be used to stop plant wilting and to keep them fresh. To protect your plans from heat, sun and dropping, spray them with sugar solution. Sugar can also be used to keep cakes, biscuits, cookies fresh. To keep your flowers from dropping, make a sugar solution and pour it into the vase in which the flowers are being kept. The sugar can also be used for making animal traps. There are many such things that you can do at home and for which you need sugar. 
The Sugar industry is a major industry in India. It is believed that India produces about 45 million sugarcanes every year.  In some of the states like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, the sugar industry is the major form of livelihood for people.  Not only the sugar industry provide employment to people, the sugarcane culturing and farming also provides means of livelihood to people. Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of sugar in the country, followed by Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu respectively. It is believed that at the time of independence, there were only about 135 sugar industries in India. However, with time and with the efforts taken in various plans to promote the sugar industry in India, the number grew to about 575. 
The sugar industry saw a major boom in the fiscal year 2006-2007 when the country produced about 28.3 million metric tons of sugar and saw a boost or growth of almost about 45%. Two years later, both the sugar production as well as the growth of the industry declined marginally. However, the sugar industry has seen a steady decline in production and growth ever since 2008. The sugar industry is most likely to make its way back in 2011. The forecast for the industry is good. It is believed that in 2011-2012, the sugar industry is most likely to produce about 5.6 million tons of sugar or 28.3 million metric tons of sugar which is equivalent to the production during 2006-2007.
Sugar is produced in many different states of the country. Some states produce more sugar than the other. However, the fact remains that the sugar industry is the basic means of livelihood for many people across the states and nations. The sugar industry provides employment to so many million farmers in India and hence, it is very important industry from the economic point of view. 
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