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The Importance of Teamwork and Management

The Importance of Teamwork and Management

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The Importance of Teamwork

Since CAT Exam is approaching fast, it is must for aspirants to remain motivated but it is essential for you to visit basics frequently.

With motto of providing relevant study material we at MBARendezvous.com have started series of articles which will  help  you to remain in high spirits!

Today you will read article on “The importance of teamwork and management for an MBA Aspirant” 

As an MBA aspirant, it is extremely important that you understand the importance and the skill of team work and management as these are one of those few things that will take you a long way in your field. If you are willing to choose management as your field of study and carrier, you will have to first learn the basic principles of teamwork and management. Team work requires of you to have many other skills like adjustability, leadership, ability to take right decisions, instincts, influencing power etc.

Thus, when you work as team towards achieving a goal, you will realize how the deep relationship which exists between teamwork and management. We believe that as an MBA aspirant, you shall one day achieve your goal of getting into the field of management and there you shall need to learn about team work.

This article will help you in understanding how teamwork will accentuate your performance at each stage of management studies and the management carrier. 

The importance of team work while attending lectures and studying as an MBA student :
As soon as you get into the management course, you will realize the importance of team work. While attending lectures, you will have to work as a group. In a lecture, a hundred things are said and told and one student cannot keep track of all the things said in a lecture. Thus, students will have to start working as a group, compile information from different students and complete the lecture as a whole.  The students will have to start working as a group and as a team if they wish to grab as much as they possibly can from the opportunities provided. Not only this, even in assignments, you will have to work together.
Once you are in MBA, there will be much pressure on you.  Irrespective of how much time you put in studies, it will always see less. Thus, to complete your projects and assignments, you will have to learn to divide work and participate as a single useful unit of the group. Thus, we see that the lessons of team work and management begin as soon as you enter the world of management studies. 
Usefulness of Team Work and Management while working with clients and corporate house:
Once management has become your carrier, you will have to deal with a lot of clients. The word management itself means to manage. While working with a client, you will need a lot many things. An account may be given to you to handle. While doing the job, you will need the help of an entire team. There will be so many things to do. You will have to dig out the history of the client- the kind of work that they have done in the past. This will give you an idea of the client that you are working with and what exactly must be his expectations from you and your company. 
Apart from that, you will have to get the statistics regarding the commodity or business you are working on. Once, you are done with preparations, you will have to start working on the account you have been given. You will have to come up with new ideas, strategies etc. This will come out of a lot of brain storming and thinking sessions which would require not one but many brains. Even when you are once done with the project, you will have to present it in a way that it gets accepted by the client.
A single person cannot do all these works. He will require an efficient team to do all the work and good management skill to work with and guide his team. Thus, once you have entered the world of management, the skill of team work and management becomes all the more important. 
Thus, we see that management is an art. To be able to work with a team, share the same goals and walk towards the same objective is not as easy as it looks. However, for the success of an organization as well an individual, this is an important quality to possess. There are going to be problems. Some members of the team may find it hard to adjust while the others may seem to be more competitive in their approach. 
However, the bottom line remains that if you are an effective team worker and know how to lead from the front, it will help you greatly in your field of management. While some people possess this skill naturally, the others have to work on it. If you are MBA aspirant who does not really know how to work as a single team and find adjustability a difficult thing, we strictly advise you to start developing the much required trait of an efficient team worker.  
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