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We need to Revisit Our Foreign Policy

We need to Revisit Our Foreign Policy

MBA aspirants must be updated with General Awareness on current topics. General awareness topics with analytically drawn conclusions will benefit you in Essay writing   / GD & PI. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic: 

We need to Revisit Our Foreign Policy

In the wake of Sarabjit Singh’s death and, the rising voices of the people, the country’s foreign policy has come under a severe attack. Where on one hand, Pakistani scientist Mohammed Khalil Chishti who was released by  Indian government as recently as five months before, there were no serious diplomatic talks happening about releasing   Indian prisoners who are in Pakistan.

This is just one issue that is top of  the chart. The other major issue that is creating chaos is the occupation of our eastern borders by the Chinese. When the country’s leaders can see that the Chinese are intruding country’s borders, they really need to ensure proper preventive and pre-emptive actions. 

At such a time, the leaders are busy discussing peace with the neighbours.  It is proven perception that Pakistan Army  have been involved and are currently spotted beheading Indian soldiers at  LOC and our leadership is  still struggling   to find  ways to discover peace between the borders.

Whereas country is facing tensions from Pakistan and China  and Srilanka issue does not seem to be far behind. Claiming the issue of Tamil Independence, the LTTE is constantly on a row with India. The water dispute with Bangladesh is yet another border issue that Indian foreign policy has failed to solve. 

Cross border terrorism can never be dealt with soft peace talks and India needs to realise that. This does not mean that India should go for aggression with neighbour countries but it certainly means that India should empower its key decision makers to make the right decision.

It is perceived that current foreign policy is not a united affair. The state governments have a different opinion to government’s approach and it seems to be distinct from each other. 

Mamta Banerjee is opposed to Teesta Treaty between India & Bangla Desh.  The similar sentiments are in Gujarat when Mr. Narendra Modi happened to cancel the hand-over of Creek to Pakistan. In fact at that time the CM of Gujarat condemned the on-going talks with Pakistan as well.

Each state and state leader thinks different. But, a foreign policy cannot be determined based on the state government. The foreign policy has to be determined using the Union of India in mind. There is no resolution to the affairs that involve our neighbours.

The very recent issue on losing out on the two Italian Marines had a reason to think to revisit and reassure foreign policies. The first question that comes to the mind is, whether the country’s foreign policy is soft in nature? Should the general perception and voice of the people of India be taken into account before deciding on the foreign policy?

Apart from MP, Haryana, Chattishgarh and Jharkhand, all the states in India are associated with the neighbouring countries. A complete consensus of the state governments along with a change in the current foreign policy is a much needed affair for India.

This kind of policy wherein the state governments are involved in the decision making process is a federal system. Some of the states of India that are broadly affected by the neighbouring countries have no say in the matter currently. 

The best example of such states would be Mizoram and Nagaland. The time has come to involve these lesser states also to broaden the aspects of the foreign policy so as to ensure proper relations with neighbours.

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