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General Awareness topic - What's that which will click in Police Reforms?

What's that which will click in Police Reforms?

 MBA aspirants must be updated with General Awareness on current topics. General awareness topics with analytically drawn conclusions will benefit you in Essay writing   / GD & PI. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic: 

What's that which will click in Police Reforms?

The rise of rape, murder, kidnapping cases along with the dearth of police force to fight it has put in a question mark on our defence. Is it a dearth of the police force or the inefficiency mixed with insensitivity of the system that has caused the rise in an unsafe environment?

Since the inception of Police force, this segment has seen little to no reforms. Formed during the British era, the police force still bears the colonial thinking.The police are still not sensitive towards the issues of a common man.

Born to protect the common man, police force in today’s times are more inclined towards protecting the politicians. One would find more police in the politician’s cabinet than on the road pulling out security measures. The overall ratio of Police to people should be around 270 whereas it’s 1200 in our country. 

In view of the recent events, one can say that the police intervention is caused majorly after the media hype. They refrain from filing complaints in spite of it being their major duty. Our police force lacks both training and helpful security gadgets. They deserve proper training to secure the public.

Considering all these things, it can be said that the time has finally come for the police reforms to take place. The SC had ordered in 2006 7 directives for the police reform, which has not been followed in the past 7 years. Recently the SC has ordered immediate action on the directives. The directives involved few good point, which if considered can make the police efficient. Firstly, the police hands are tied down by the politicians.

The first two directives make up for that. In the directive it is said that a state security commission must be set up for proper guidelines and functioning of the police and also to protect the police from the pressures of the government. It is also suggested that the DGP should be appointed through merit and transparent procedures.

The minimum tenure for the DGP and Senior officers should not be more than two years. The police force that maintains law and order should be separate from the one that investigates.

The one policy or directive that will majorly click is the establishment of PEB (Police Establishment Board) and PCA(Police Complaints Authority). With the PEB the postings, transfers etc. would be handled by one commission that is devoid of influence by the government whereas the PCA would see to it that all complaints are registered. Every state would have a nearby PCA handy for the victim.

These directives have surely given autonomy and cast away the political interference but, they have not instilled the factor of accountability towards the people, among the police as yet. The fact that India is an independent country, it is indeed a shame that the country’s justice is run as per the colonial norms! A lot of ex policemen have fought in favour of reforming in the court of law.

The most famous case would be Prakash Singh Vs. Union of India, a case that brought limelight to police reforms and, managed to get a few clauses defined in the reforms as well.

The reforms are a continual process. It is high time that the country saw a just, accountable and democratic police. 

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