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IIM Raipur launched Post-Graduate Programme for Working Executives on October 27, 2012. The Programme was inaugurated by Governor of Chhattisgarh Hon’ble Shri Shekhar Dutt. 
The Hon’ble Governor said that in pursuit of excellence if you achieve the skill of managing business, corporate or other economic affairs; people may call you the Business Manager par excellence but if you can achieve the quality of managing and inspiring others to manage those affairs – you are a Business Magnate. 
He further said that today, our country is recognized by the world as the future world leader and he believes that this generation is the one who will lead the country to new heights. Therefore, they have this added responsibility of achieving this goal. It is said that 21st century is the century of Asia, but Hon’ble Governor extended it to the century of India.
Welcoming Hon’ble Governor and PGPWE students, Prof B.S. Sahay, Director IIM Raipur, said that there are many qualified professionals who could not pursue their management education due to different reasons. The PGPWE provides an opportunity for such experienced professionals and minimises disruption of work and personal pursuits. It empowers one with the knowledge, skill attitude, flexibility and ability for lifelong learning, to develop one’s career to its fullest potential. It fosters independent thought and fuels informed management decisions and practices resulting in valuable contribution to the organisation.
He added that the uniqueness of PGPWE is the rich, diverse yet collective professional experience of its participants, which translates into outstanding learning opportunities, enriching the educational environment and shared understanding.
Prof. Pradyumna Dash, Chairman (Admissions & International Relations) IIM Raipur presented the profile of the pioneer batch of PGPWE. 1st Batch of PGPWE comprises of 39 students with an average age of 37 years and an average work experience of 13 years. The participants are a fine blend from many private and government organizations viz. NTPC, SAIL, ACC Ltd, BALCO, NRDA, Kotak Bank, Central Excise and Indian Railways etc.
Prof. M. Kannadhasan, Chairman (PGPWE) IIM Raipur briefed the participants about the programme. The programme is formulated and designed to enhance skills and capabilities essential for managerial positions. The focus is to enable and develop managers that understand global requirements of their organisations as well as also understand the intricacies of business at functional and strategic levels.
Prof Ajit Prasad, Dean (Academics) IIM Raipur proposed vote of thanks to the Hon’ble Governor. He extended his thanks to the Director, Chairman PGPWE and Chairman Admissions. In his address to the PGPWE students he said that the participants will study in an intellectually invigorating program for the next 18 months. After the program is over they will be in a better situation to face any organizational promotional challenge. They will work under the prestigious IIM brand name, being taught by the best minds in the country, using state of the art pedagogy.
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