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Life is something to be cherished with memories, sprinkled with joy and happiness. Unfortunately the key to this joy is something that remains a mystery for many. For joy is not attained by fulfilling one’s own desires, rather it is harvested in the pain of toiling to make others life comfortable. Connecting with people, empathizing and understanding their needs and serving as a tool in upbringing their life, leaves a person with content and deep satisfaction that could be obtained by no other means. Being the reason behind smiles of the unprivileged is the best form of worship as it makes a person realize the purpose of life.

Having spoken of the joy in living a life with civic responsibilities, it’s high time to introspect where we stand in this regard.  Why start CSR in IIM Raipur when the domain of servicing the unprivileged is dominated by numerous NGOs and clubs? What contribution IIM Raipur is capable of making in the lives of the people we speak of? The students of IIM Raipur inherit the significant power of determining the course of the nation, a nation that is not governed by mere knowledge and skill, but by heart and soul. This makes the knowledge of our society a vital one to be ingrained by the graduates of this institution. 
IIM Raipur closes gap through the CSR club by giving birth to a new generation of managers trained in managerial skills and art of living with civic sense. Speaking of our contribution to the society, it is the intention that matters more than size and scale, just like the squirrel that helped Rama in laying bridge to lanka, by rolling over the mud and carrying the sand. CSR would serve as a mean to nurture the sense of social responsibility in the students and keep their spirits alive till they grow into full fledged players in philanthropy during later part of their life. 
Quite a lot of people wish things were better than what they are now, the members of CSR at IIM Raipur are the ones who don’t limit themselves to just wishing, but also get into action to materialize dreams for the welfare of the society. They believe in being the change they want to be, and not mere bystanders with dreams. After having events like spending a day at SOS village and coordinating at Paralympics games previous year, CSR club started the activities for academic year 2012-13 by taking an oath to pursue their work in ethical manner and work for sustainable development of the society.
The moment witnessed around 160 bright minds of the nation joining the inferno in their heart, to give raise to a fire storm that would sweep the nation and bring about the most wanted change towards the formation of an ideal society (nation). The oath taken is as below :  
                      IIM Raipur