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Indus Business Academy, Bangalore was founded in 2001 with its first batch of students graduating in 2003. In a decade, IBA has established its reputation for academic excellence, quality research and industry interface and is recognized as one of the best B-School in India. Ranked '6th' among B-Schools of Excellence in All India B-School Survey 2012 
Mr. Manish Jain  is Founding Trustee & CEO, IBA-Bangalore.
IBA campuses have a distinctive atmosphere where the emphasis is on teamwork, cooperation, and friendly competition. Classrooms are designed such that they lead to students developing closer relationships with each other and faculty members. Students work together in study groups and are genuinely supportive of one another, and form professional relationships that last long after graduation.
The Bengaluru campus symbolises what the city stands for. While its 8-acres lush greenery reflects the ‘Garden City’, its hi-tech environment lives up to the ‘Silicon Valley’ tag. Located in the most happening Southern part - the Knowledge and IT Corridor of Bengaluru, it catalyses the industryinterface and academic inflow. The setting also charges the emotional quotient of the students, thanks to the proximity to the world famous AOL Centre.
The library subscribes to many leading management journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, etc. Library has a large number of select reference books on management and other related areas. The library also has a vast collection of Case studies selected from leading journals and research papers.
Life at IBA
Fresh air green surroundings and the still environment make the IBA campus an ideal location for learning. On the one hand student has high pressure, intensive curriculum deadlines and on the other, he has the inviting recreational facility that makes one feel let go. Faculty at IBA demand disciplined, consistent performance from the student. Everyone is expected to comply with the disciplined process of learning the IBA training requires
IBA follows a multi-pronged strategy offering multiple avenues for placement of its students.At IBA placement is an activity, which commences from the very first day. On our part, an established placement office with a dedicated team of placement officers constantly promote our students among premier organizations such as transnational companies, management consulting companies, software firms, banks, merchant bankers and so on.
Our Executive education and consulting division where we provide education and management consulting to companies also help us in building awareness about our PGDM among our client organizations and corporate executives.
The Research Project wherein students spend considerable amount of time in an organization affords interactive sampling by both organizations and students, and exploration of employment opportunities thereof.
Regular guest lectures on specific functional topic areas by industry leaders whilst enhancing the learning process also offers an opportunity for interaction between students and key decision makers in organizations leading to possible future placement.
Main Programme is PGDM and you can get details, so visit : http://www.iba.ac.in
A++ Category B-School in All India B-School Survey 2012 conducted by Business India. 
6th All India among B-School of Excellence by CSR-GHRDC Survey 2012.
4th in South India by Dainik Bhaskar B-School B-School Survey 2012.
2nd in Karnataka by ‘The New Indian Express’ South India Survey 2010.
12th among Best Private B-Schools by Dainik Bhaskar All India Best B-School Survey 2010. 
13th under Best Salaries and Career Growth by DM All India Best B-School Survey 2009.
Lakshmipura, Thataguni Post
Kanakapura Main Road
Bengaluru 560 062, INDIA
Phones: +91-80-26083703/716
Mobile: +91-93424 10271 
Fax: +91-80-26083717/708 
Email: [email protected]  or visit  www.iba.ac.in
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