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Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (Welingkar) invites MBA aspirants for the interactive sessions in Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur under the umbrella of "We interact". The team from Welingkar will engage with MBA aspirants from these cities and to share with them about life at Welingkar, our unique programs, selection process and much more.

 Following is the schedule of sessions of ‘We interact’:  

Jaipur- March 1, 2012
Udaipur- March 2, 2012
Jodhpur - March 4, 2012
The key highlights of the session:-
•WOW (World of Welingkar)
•Concepts like T-shape Manager, Design Thinking, Innovation and Integrative Manager
•Unique Selection Process at Welingkar
•Choose a right program at Welingkar and maximize your career opportunities
•Practice workshop for selection process
The Welingkar team knows that the rules of management have changed today; the demand is for Integrative Managers. Welingkar grooms individuals into just that with its design thinking approach, cutting-edge pedagogy and T-shaped learning system. This is fostered through Welingkar’s innovative PGDM programs in E-Business management, Business Design management, Healthcare management, Retail management and specialization in Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, and Retail & Systems. 
At the same time, Welingkar also realizes that many MBA aspirants are struggling trying to make a career choice for themselves. To clear all their doubts and make them aware of a world of opportunities with Welingkar, the institute is conducting an interactive seminar, ‘We Interact’, in various cities across the country. 
To register for We Interact, click here http://www.welingkar.org/welingkar/v1/Programmes/DRM2011/reg.asp?seminar=SEM_FTPGDM