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Published: Saturday, 22 April, 2017 11:00 AM

MBA can drive you to become Entrepreneur 

Not everyone who enrols himself/ herself in an MBA Programme desires to get a well- paying job after the completion of the course. There are many who wish to set up their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. Since MBA is a course that covers the various aspects of business, it is tailor-made for those who want to become businessmen and start their own businesses.

In recent times, there has been a proliferation of new businesses, also popularly termed ‘start-ups.’ Anyone with a novel idea considers himself/ herself an entrepreneur. However, a person with an MBA degree starts off with an advantage as he/ she already has a strong foundation to manoeuvre the business through the complex situations that will arise in due course. An MBA Programme trains the aspirant in different aspects of business such as, production, marketing, finance, sales, human resource, brand management and so on. An entrepreneur needs to have knowledge of all these areas, as he/ she will be responsible for the overall functioning of the business and will have to engage in such activities at some point or the other. MBA, thus, gives a sound base to such budding entrepreneurs.

A person aspiring to become an entrepreneur needs to learn the various ways of running a business.

MBA enables him/ her to study various business models, the minds of successful business leaders and try to imbibe those traits. For instance, to decide whether he/ she wants to keep all power in his/ her hands or follow a decentralised model, he/ she needs to know he pros and cons of each and then make a choice. He/ she can come to know all this and more through MBA.

The MBA is an intensive and rigorous programme. Lectures, Presentations, Project Work, Case Studies, Seminars and Field Trips all form a part of the MBA. The intensive training that the aspirant receives holds him/ her in good stead, when he/she launches his/ her own project. As a student, the potential entrepreneur will get a chance to acquire all the relevant knowledge, test various management ideas, and apply his/ her mind solely on things related to business. The two years in MBA will prepare the person for the challenges ahead.

One of the major benefits of doing an MBA is the networks that one ends up making, given the quality of interaction and networking is one of the key aspect of business. The connections which MBA students make during the course can come in handy in their own businesses.

Armed with a course like MBA, you are more suitable for entrepreneurship, provided you have an appetite for risk taking and the necessary resources. Everything else, is taken care of by the MBA course, which is the best preparation for your goals.

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