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Mr. Kiran S. Karnik

Mr. Kiran S. Karnik

Mr. Kiran Sharadchandra Karnik  

Reading success stories of greatest professionals stimulates motivational enzyme within us and we all wish to emulate them on path of success.

Exactly with this aim  MBARendezvous.com - India's content lead MBA website is presenting you series of success stories of Professionals who have   carved niche in their own way and have become icons of Management Fraternity. 

Following above you will read today success story of Mr. Kiran S. Karnik  : 

Mr. Kiran Sharadchandra Karnik is a prominent figure and the guiding force behind the Indian outsourcing industry.  Karnik is popularly known for his role as the President of NASSCOM, an apex body of the country’s software industry from 2001-2008. He worked closely with the industry and the Indian Central & State governments to formulate policies and strategies for the advancement of IT sector locally as well as internationally.

He is presently one of the trustees of NASSCOM and has recently been appointed as one of the ten board members of newly constituted Satyam Computer Services after it was disbanded by the government owing to severe irregularities and fraud in accounting. 

A post-graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Karnik holds a degree in Physics and from Mumbai University. During the outsourcing backlash he was the quiet strength to provide the background information and has been instrumental in promoting India’s technology strength to the world.

Karnik has held many strategic positions at various points in his life and had some commendable work behind him. From 1983 to 1991 he was positioned as the Director of the Development and Educational Communicational Unit. Later he played a significant role in spearheading the launch of Discovery Channel in South Asia in 1995 and Animal Planet in 1999. During the period from 1995-2001 he became the Managing Director at Discovery Networks in India.

He was associated with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for over 20 years. During his tenure, he worked in various domains related to the conception, planning and implementation of applications of space technology, focusing especially on the use of communications for development.

He was also a key member of the management team for the India’s USA Satellite Instructional TV Experiment (SITE) and was honoured with the Frank Malina medal for Space Education by the International Astronautical Federation.  In 2001 he was as appointed as the President of NASSCOM.

A soft-spoken person, Karnik gave a shut up call to his critics while steering software and services industry to the anti-outsourcing wave in the US, the BPO data theft scandals, the H1B visa issue. A quiet strength he proved all that there is resolute will behind the quiet and courteous exterior.

In a significant development in the rapidly evolving e-waste recycling sector  joined the Attero Recycling Board as the first 'Independent Director' since the company's inception in 2008. In 2009, he was appointed as the additional director on the board of telecom services company Sasken Communication Technologies Ltd.

Karnik was deeply involved in the conception and, for many years, overseeing the Kheda Communications Project. This pioneering effort won him national and international acclaim, including the first UNESCO-IPDC Prize for rural Communication. He has been a key member of the management team for the India – USA Satellite Instructional TV Experiment (SITE), the first every large scale use of satellite direct broadcasting (1975-76), which took education and development to remote parts of rural India.

He served as Special Assistant to the Secretary-General of UNISPACE 82 in the United Nations. He has done consulting assignments for the WHO, World Bank, UN Institute for Disarmament Research, Ford Foundation, and an extended one for UNESCO in Afghanistan.

A career spanning over three decades Karnik has been conferred many awards and accolades. In 1998 he was awarded the Frank Malina medal for Space Education by the International Astronautical Federation. In 2007 was awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India and the ‘DATAQUEST IT Person of the Year – 2005’. Business Week named him as one of the ‘Stars of Asia’ in 2004 and was picked by the Forbes magazine as ‘Face of the Year 2003’ for being a driving force behind India’s offshoring wave.

Having a multi-faceted experience across media and the IT industry he is also a Member of Global Advisory Board of IDG Ventures India and served as a Director of Mid-day Multimedia Ltd.

Karnik has authored and edited a large number of publications and lectures occasionally at major national institutes.

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