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Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), as part of its week long Orientation Programme for PGP 20 batch 2012-14, conducted a management simulation course titled “The Photonovel Company”. 

Interestingly, the photonovel case study was developed jointly by Harvard Business School and MICA. HBS Professor Das Narayandas, MICA faculty Professor Kallol Das and Kerry Herman, Associate Director, HBS Global Research Group are the authors.

The Photonovel Company is a simulated organisation, which is in the business of storytelling using the medium of photonovels.  As part of the Orientation, all the PGP-1 students joined this organization for 2.5 days as “employees”. This “organisation” was led by three members of MICA faculty viz. Dr. Kallol Das, Prof. Pravin Mishra, and Prof. Subhash Tendle, who donned the role of CEOs.  

This year, for the first time, there were three verticals – each led by a CEO. These verticals were (1) Social Issue Photonovels, (2) Branding Photonovels, and (3) Leadership Photonovels.  As part of their job, students had to select themes targeting the urban youth, develop scripts that educate and entertain, shoot photos, direct, compose pages, and finally publish. In all, 16 photonovels were produced by the 16 employee-teams of 10 members each in the given time period.

The course also acted as a great ice breaker and helped students know each other’s strengths, work as a team, and enhance their communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership abilitiesThe team that stood first produced an engaging photonovel on leadership titled “Fruit Frenzy”. Their story execution was totally out-of-the-box as it used fruits as characters. 

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