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Personal Interview Tips - Body Language says it all

Body Language says it all

The personal interview is a critical step in MBA admission process and should not be taken lightly. PI is aimed at knowing a candidate more intimately - assessing the clarity of thinking process, future goals and the 'fit'   factor with the B-school. It provides the admission selection committee of a B school to evaluate your interpersonal and soft skills. With this aim MBA Rendezvous is presenting you PI tips so that you can be successful. Today you will read PI tips on:  Body Language says it all

Communication between two or more people without any verbal talking is a form of body language. It could be by way of facial expression or gestures with hand or legs or body posture and eye movements.
It is a normal tendency that human beings tend to use their body even when they are verbally talking to one another. Movement of hands or face can make various signs and expressions which could be interpreted in different meanings in different cultures. 
Another point to note is that when you are communicating with someone through a form of body languages you have to know the situation, culture, and gender of the other person with whom you are communicating.
Some gestures may mean differently in different countries like normally a thumbs up sign means okay but in Australia it is a rude gesture or tapping your nose means secrecy in Britain but in Italy is a friendly warning. The body language is fun if interpreted correctly but if misinterpreted it could repulse or anger a person. 
One can easily find out the behaviour and mannerisms of a person by their body language like when they shake hands while greeting the other person, the way they stand while talking, tone and loudness of voice and the usage of arms and eyes while discussing something. It is not only to convey what one wants to talk, but body language also can tell you the correct personality of a man.
A fresher going for his first interview is either selected or rejected by his interviewers even before he opened his mouth. The rest of the body has done the talking for him.
Similarly a person new to a job has to adapt to the body language of their colleagues and clients for success.  Body language is another form of communication between people. 
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