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Personal Interview TIPS for MBA Aspirants - Nervousness will expose you in PI

Nervousness will expose you in PI

Many candidates fail to clear the Personal Interview because of their nervousness. When a candidate becomes nervous, it shows on his face, body language, and in his answers during an interview.  

Nervousness makes some people stutter, and use filler words like ‘umm’ and ‘uhh’ frequently, which convey to the interviewer that the candidate is not confident of his abilities and is not prepared for the interview. 
To prevent nervousness from acting up during the interview, prepare for the interview in advance. Have mock interview sessions and practise speaking in front of your peers to reduce your anxiety level.
As a potential MBA student, you are required to possess certain qualities, including confidence, determination, and perseverance. If you become nervous in front of the interviewer, it will speak negatively of your leadership qualities. 
Candidates who are about to embark on the MBA journey are chosen based on their leadership qualities, including the ability to lead teams. So, it is important to cope with your anxiety and work on your demeanor.
Before the interview, avoid caffeine and get plenty of sleep. Next, don’t enter the interview room with pessimism. Be optimistic and have confidence in yourself. This will ultimately lower your level of anxiety.
Nervousness is a candidate’s biggest enemy because it exposes a number of weaknesses that will automatically put you on the ‘reject’ list. When you are nervous, you are unable to comprehend the questions of the interview properly.
When this happens, you tend to give incorrect answers or answers that are not well thought of. So, go through the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ of a Personal Interview and arrive at the venue of the interview at least ten to fifteen minutes before your interview. 
This will give you some time to calm your nerves before going into the interview room. Remember to exude confidence throughout the interview and you will stand a high chance of gaining admission into the business school of your choice.
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