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Personal Interview - FAQs

Personal Interview

After having scored good percentile at entrance test and then having been selected at GD, now it is the last and most important stage of the selection process at MBA Institute. 

The candidate must continue to maintain the same level of attitude which he/she has exhibited with high scores and at GD.
It will be good preparation if candidates can have self SWOT analysis and you need to understand your Strengths, Weaknesses, how you will grab Opportunities and ultimately how you will neutralize Threats.
You should continue to add your strengths and convert weaknesses also in strengths, ensure all opportunities which are being opened at the Interview should be grabbed with confidence so that eventually you have converted threat of getting rejected to a success.
Certain following soft skills are must before facing Personal Interview (PI):
•Punctuality is a must so be very punctual & on time
•Dress Code should be as per the demand of the weather and wear dress that suits your personality but you should look more confident
•Personal Grooming should be such which should make you feel happy within you
•Very high and visible positive attitude is the need of the day 
•Visible confidence is the requirement of the day
•Ever smiling face is expectation of the day
•Be ready for getting grilled as that will neutralize fear psychosis of PI
•Don’t imitate anybody and be yourself as that will add confidence
•Learn to say NO if you don’t know the subject as that exhibit your clarity
•Be specific while giving answers as that will get you more open opportunities
Following are few of the `frequent asked questions’ at the Interview :
•Tell us about yourself
•Tell us your Strengths & Weaknesses 
•Why you feel that your particular strength will be useful for performance 
•How you will convert your particular weakness to success
•How do you handle stress and pressures 
•What motivates you to join the Institute where you have applied
•Would you like to call yourself  a self motivator 
•What makes you stand out among other candidates
•How do you plan to use your MBA Education 
•Where do you see yourself in next 7 years 
•Tell us and explain your hobbies
•Tell us about your family background
Besides the above there will be questions on academics and your areas of Strengths & Weaknesses.
MBA Institutes expect from a prospective MBA aspirant to exuberate confidence at Personal Interview as that will help PI panel to find suitability of the candidate to match ethos of the Institute. 
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