Personal Interview TIPS Showcase

Personal Interview TIPS Showcase

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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The Personal Interview is an opportunity for you to show your interest in pursuing an MBA from the business school of your dreams. It is a chance for you to discuss your aspirations and career goals. So, it is important for you to exhibit “can do attitude” in the Personal Interview. Interviewers are looking for potential business leaders who are ready to face and take on challenges of the corporate world. 

Becoming a successful business leader is no easy task and only those with determination and perseverance can reach the peak of success. To ensure that you get selected in the Personal Interview, show how passionate you are about pursuing an MBA and revolutionising the world of business upon graduation.

Interviewers are keen on understanding if you are someone who easily gives up in tough situations or if you have the ability to face difficulties and hardships. So, if you have any examples on how you have dealt with difficult people or projects in the past, share them with your interviewer. 

This will shine light on your “can do attitude”. Business leaders like Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji and Chanda Kochhar did not become successful overnight. They worked hard despite many setbacks and challenges. Only those with the fighting spirit can move forward in life and achieve extraordinary status. 

If you have any role models whose attitude you would like to emulate, share them with your interviewer and impress him/her instantly with your passion and determination to make it big in the corporate world. Every business school is keen on enrolling students with great ambitions.

You should exhibit and convey “can do attitude” through your verbal as well as non-verbal communication skills. Show your confidence and determination in your speech and body language, and you will excel in your Personal Interview.

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