Shri Paras Kuhad , Additional Solicitor General graced the sixth annual convocation at Jaipuria Jaipur

Shri Paras Kuhad , Additional Solicitor General graced the sixth annual convocation at Jaipuria Jaipur

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Jaipuria Jaipur organized its sixth annual convocation  on May 18, 2013 . The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri Paras Kuhad, Additional Solicitor General, Govt. of India.

The convocation commenced with the lighting of ceremonial lamp and invocation to Goddess Saraswati. Shri Sharad Jaipuria, Chairman Board of Governors, welcomed the Chief Guest, Members of the Academic Council and Board of Governors, Parents of the graduating students and the distinguished guests.

Gracing the occasion, Honorable Chief Guest, Shri Paras Kuhad began with offering his congratulations to all the students who were conferred their degrees. He said “Learning is a continuous process. We should crave for learning with application of our knowledge to raise the social levels of the down trodden and in the betterment of society.” 
He reiterated“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”  He said, integrity is the biggest necessity for your holistic growth, for your continuous and everlasting success, for your cheer and happiness and for your emotional and spiritual fulfillment. He strongly advocated that one should be 100 percent honest and even a little bit of dishonesty shall not take one to the success ladder. He also said that one should be passionate about whatever one is working on as one shall not be lucky enough to get on to work every time on one’s passionate job.
Further he advised the students on the art of living. He said, “Remember to enjoy the little things, for one day we may look back and realize those were really the big things. I believe life is in the details. Simple pleasures throughout the day can be far more gratifying than that one amazing weekend. When you connect the dots between all these little joys, life seems fuller and more satisfying.”
Finally, he wished that each one turn out to be integrated individuals, laden with values and a sense of responsibility towards the institute, nation and society as a whole.  
Shri Sharad Jaipuria, Chairman of Jaipuria Institutes of Management, in his message to the graduating students said“We too need corporations and managers who adhere to the triumvirate of Indian values: Satyam-(Truth), which is the ethical component of business; Shivam- (Welfare), which should be the economic objective of business; Sundaram- (Beauty), which should be aesthetical outlook for business: aesthetics here does not imply physical beauty but purity of ideas, morality in behavior.  In the ultimate analysis what matters is whether truth prevails in the end and it has happened. 
He emphasized do not forget that the noble values of caring, sharing, service and sacrifice has kept our society away from dangers of extinction and made it energetic at all times. As inheritors of a society which mushroomed great values for life and a deep concern for human development, you should intensely pursue for further deepening and broadening your knowledge,learning to experience the power of collective team work, and always be guided by higher values that you believe in. 
Dr. Pankaj Gupta Director General, Jaipuria Institutes of Management, in his message to the graduating students said “Life’s biggest battles don’t always go to faster or stronger man,… but the man who thinks he can.’ If you are sure about your success & dreams, it is definitely going to manifest, as per the Universal ‘Law of Attraction and Belief’.The clarity of your vision will decide how far you can go in your career. Your passion will determine the strides you will make and your world view will determine the route you may take to get to your destination. 
You will have to carve out your own chartered path to glory and you must create your own mandate for growth. Toughen up your body and soul, fuel your passion to excel and be prepared to walk through the stony path.  Invest yourself in these 5 areas on a daily basis “SPICE” - Spiritual + Physical + Intellectual + Community + Emotional.
Also, find time to relax, smile, do some random act of kindness, and above all be grateful for what you have got; always feel grateful to your parents, guru’s, your company, your bosses, your peers, your colleagues. So this feeling of gratefulness will get more and more bliss and happiness in your life. He wished the students very best in their professional endeavours.
Dr. Prabhat Pankaj, Director, Jaipuria Jaipur presented the progress report and outlined the growth of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Jaipur in terms of institute’s improved rating, ranking and placements, expanded infrastructure and intellectual capital, research contributions, executive development and other significant academic milestones. He congratulated the students and advised them to be good brand ambassadors of the institute.
Dr. Prabhat Pankaj shared a couple of motivating thoughts for the graduating students. First he said, “Face trouble, don’t flinch.” Never try to dismiss the problem or shy away from it. Second he said, “Keep the child alive in you.” Like children try to be your own best friend. Give yourself positive recognition and be as simple as a child.
26 students of PGDM batch 2011-13 were awarded diplomas and the meritorious students were awarded medals and certificates. 
Shri Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman of Jaipuria Institutes of Management proposed a vote of thanks. He thanked Shri Paras Kuhad, members of the Board of Governors and Academic Council, faculty, staff and all the distinguished guests, especially the parents of the graduating students. He felicitated the students and advised them to remain eternally young by being open to new progress, new improvement and new transformation.
The ceremony culminated with the singing of National Anthem. It was a day of fond remembrance and achievement for the young management graduates who received their degrees in the ceremony with the Board of Governors, the Director, the faculty members and the proud parents in attendance. Students were upbeat and expressed their elation by throwing their hats up in the air.
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