Can do attitude

Can do attitude

WAT Topic for MBA 2022

WAT is the Written Ability Test for MBA admission into top B-Schools and IIMs all around India.

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It’s time to convert those dreams into reality. If you have cleared the cutoff for your favorite college, you must start preparing for MBA WAT Essays and polishing your writing skills. The Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) and all top B-Schools conduct a writing ability test (WAT) or Academic Writing Test (AWT) to check your – General Awareness and Language Skills

The popular IIM WAT Topics 2022 are mostly related to social issues, current affairs, and business and the economy. MBA Rendezvous has listed all the burning WAT Topics for MBA 2022 that can be asked in the WAT round and the Key WAT Tips or information to keep in mind while preparing and appearing for the round. Checkout the  Writing Ability Test Sample and popular writing ability test topics for 2022.

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Written ability Test  has  become a tool to test MBA aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA selection processes. 

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This article on " Can do attitude " will boost your confidence to be successful in Written Ability Test:
In life, there is not always a smooth sailing. There are times when things start to get rough. Sometimes it seems impossible to achieve the goals that we decided for ourselves. Similarly, at other times, the dreams that we saw for our loved ones and ourselves start to appear unachievable and it is in times like these that people start to break down. The truth of the matter is that life in itself is complex and full of highs and lows. If you are sad today, you will definitely get a reason to smile tomorrow and if you are happy today, it is quite possible that you might be forced to shed a tear someday. Whereas most people stay happy and chirpy during their good times, most people percolate into a state of hopelessness and depression when the sailing becomes tough. It is only during the tough times that the concept of can do attitude comes into play. 
What does one mean by can-do attitude? A can do attitude is the kind of attitude that makes a person believes that nothing really is impossible to achieve. All a person needs to do to be able to do something that he otherwise thinks impossible to achieve is keep trying. Thus, all in all, a can-do attitude is all about never accepting defeat and constantly fighting with failure to turn it into a success. The can do attitude is a special aid to people during their tough times. Any person who gets disheartened easily by a failure will find it very hard to deal with the hard times. However, people with a can do attitude will not give up and continue to fight even during the tough times, a quintessential character that changes defeat into success. Many people are born with a “can do attitude”. They find never accepting defeat as an obvious alternative to things. However, some other people are not so blessed and such people have to make conscious and voluntary efforts to develop a can-do attitude in them. The good part is that such an attitude can be developed and nurtured. Here are a few ways that a person can use to develop the can-do attitude in them: 
1.Develop confidence in yourself and your abilities. The only people who find it hard to deal with tough times are those people who do not realize their own worth and do not believe in themselves. It is extremely important to believe in yourself and the fact that like any other man on this earth, you are also capable of achieving great things. When you are going through a tough phase and your confidence in you is dwindling, start to think of the good things that you like in yourself and also the good things that you have achieved in life. This will help you bring back your confidence in you. 
2.Start working on your own self. One of the best ways of developing confidence is constantly working on one self. Read about people who inspire you to do better things in life. Read about the stories that are inspiring and encourage you to get strong. Also, re-assess your role models. The people you look up to should be the ones who are defined by their work, strength and character. When you keep things that inspire you, around, you stay inspired yourself and thus, are constantly motivated to fight and do better. 
3.Do not compare yourself to anyone. When the going gets tough for people, what most people begin to do is that they start comparing themselves with someone else who is doing much better. When you compare yourself to others, you start underestimating yourself and that is when you begin to lose confidence in you. The truth is every person is a different person and every person goes through different phases. Thus, what you are experiencing is experienced by none other and hence, making comparison is not only the wrong thing to do, it is something that is not even fair or convincing. 
4.Have fun. One of the best ways to beat up the hard times is by keeping yourself surrounded by good times. This does not mean that you start to ignore all your troubles and begin to have fun by running away from them. The idea is to have fun so that you can freshen up your mind and relieve it of all the tensions and stress for a while. Sometimes, a state of constant mess can make your thinking caps dysfunctional. Taking a break and having a little fun will prepare you to do the thinking all over again. 
A can do attitude can take a person a long way in life. The only thing that makes people successful in life is the ability to constantly fight and never accept defeat. People who do so often make very big in life and people who give up easily, stay lagged behind as commoners. If you are someone who does not have the can do attitude, make sure that you work on developing it with all the suggestions provided above. They will prove to be very helpful. 
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