Competitive stress is good

Post CAT 2012, aspirants are eagerly waiting for result but you are aware of that now you will be tested for WAT (written Ability Test)by IIMs.  For the purpose of practice you may read WAT topic: Competitive stress is good 

People have the wrong notion that stress is bad for your health. What people seem to overlook is that stress, if felt for a long time, is bad for health. In other words, prolonged stress is unhealthy. On the other hand, small amounts of stress are healthy. This is the reason you should understand your stress level to lead a happy life. 
Competitive stress, in a small amount, is once again good for the body. Competitive stress occurs when you feel that your self-esteem is threatened during a competition. Be it during an examination or during a marathon, the determination to win and to be appreciated by your peers cause competitive stress.
Competitive stress causes excitement in life, without which life becomes monotonous. Competitive stress provides energy so that you can perform to the best of your abilities. Competitive stress sets in before an interview, test, examination or a sporting event. Prolonged stress on the other hand sets in when you think constantly about your job, kids, school assignments and exams. Prolonged stress works the opposite of competitive stress; prolonged stress drains out the energy, leaving you incapable of performing well. It is important to filter the two kinds of stress to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
When a person is under competitive stress, the consequences of losing become evident. If these consequences are significant, the stress level becomes higher. If the consequences are not that high, the stress level becomes lower. Today’s education system has become a rat’s race, where students are scurrying around coaching schools and tuition centers to reach the top. 
The society plays an important role in generating competitive stress. If a society is communist in nature, where all men and women are treated equally, regardless of their occupations and educational qualifications, competitive stress would be low, or even insignificant. If a society is based on meritocracy, where people with good qualifications are rewarded, the competitive stress will automatically go up.
We are living in a world where everyone wants to reach the top. Competition is everywhere, in the field of education and in the workforce. So, it is inevitable that we will face competitive stress at some point in our lives. The key to living a happy life is by limiting the level of stress in life. Ensure that the stress is limited to competitive stress. If it blows up and becomes prolonged stress, it can have disastrous effects on your life.
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