What if I don't succeed?

Written Ability Test  ( WAT )  has also become a tool to test CAT aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of selection process. 

Today, you will read WAT topic :  What if I don’t succeed?
The human mind is greatly scared of failure. Even before people begin to start working towards achieving any goal, the human mind begins to feign of possibilities of failing. It is believed that the taste of failure is quite bitter and thus, everybody wants to stay as far away as possible from failure.
A question which constantly keeps bothering the human mind is- What if I don’t succeed? There are two ways in which this question can be answered. 
To start with and pulling up the first perspective – pessimism and self-doubt are two traits which can play an important role in pushing a person towards failure. To be able to achieve success, one must believe blindly and firmly in oneself. When the confidence in self begins to flicker, a person’s ability to think, act and take risks when necessary begin to falter. All this can actually lead to failure.
Thus, while pursuing any particular goal, it is utmost important, that people should brush away all the ideas related to failure. The question “what if I don’t succeed?” should not be entertained at any cost.  It must be replaced with a unflinching faith in oneself. 
However, when people are unable to put aside the idea of failure, it is best to deal with them. What if I don’t succeed? The antonym of success is failure. And though success is considered to be synonymous with happiness and public adulation, the failure provides people with much better tools- experience, determination and the will to fight. 
Even if one fails, one would only come to know of the mistakes that one made and will abstain from making them again, thus, enabling one’s chances of achieving success to rise by manifold probability in future endeavors. 
The biggest failure is never trying because when people get scared by the idea of failure and decide not to act, they are never able to realize their true potential. Also, they do not get a chance to know of their flaws and weaknesses and correct them. 
While making endeavors, if a person gets bothered by the question, What if I don’t succeed, they should simply answer it with- If I don’t succeed, I will fail and that’s not going to be so bad either. 
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