What will you do if you are out of competition?

Post CAT 2012 result ,  you are aware of that now you will be tested for WAT (written Ability Test) by IIMs.  For the purpose of practice you may read WAT topic:  

What will you do if you are out of competition?
When someone says he is out of competition, it basically means that he tried to compete with his counterparts but his skills were not on par with his competitors. So, he was taken out of the competition. We all have come across this situation at least once in our lives. 
At sports competitions, at school plays and in the corporate arena, we have heard this phrase being used extensively. In sports competitions, there are several rounds before selection of players is made for the final round. During these preliminary rounds, players are shortlisted based on their skills. So, what do you do if you are out of competition at a sports event? Instead of moping about it, you should hone your skills. Find out your weak areas from your trainer and improve your skills so that you can compete once again. 
This is what competitive spirit is all about. No one is perfect. We have our sets of strengths and weaknesses. So, when we are not on par with the level of competition around us, we should work hard on our weaknesses.
Similarly, many films do not make it to international and local film festivals. So, the director, producer and the cast of the film should look into the possible problems in the film and improve upon them in the upcoming films. Additionally, they should analyze films that made it to the competition to learn the positive traits of a film.
Apart from skills, some people get thrown out of competitions because they use illegal means of entering competitions. Especially in sports competitions, drug testing is carried out on athletes. If an athlete is found guilty of resorting to illegal means of entering sports competitions, he/she will immediately be thrown out of the game. So, in this case, one should take the help of rehabilitation experts and mend his ways to excel at his job.
So, if you are out of competition, it does not mean that the world has ended. It only means that it is time to improve upon your existing set of skills and work harder to stay in the race. Get the help of experts to understand your weak points so that you don’t repeat your mistakes on the competition grounds.
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