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KIIT school of management, through its constant pursuit for knowledge successfully established itself as the pioneer of management education. It imparts innovative and expert course curriculum and prepares the students for the highly competitive business world, so that they require minimal in-house training, and already possess a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Acquire Business Acumen Skills

As the global market continues to struggle, there is a need for professionals who can contribute significantly to the organization, for which a comprehensive understanding about the workings of the business is absolute necessary. The Institute conducts three conclaves – HR, Marketing and Finance for students to learn and adapt business acumen skills through corporate seminars and guest lectures. Each year a significant topic is chosen as the overall theme of the conclave. It includes panel discussions, keynote speeches and several workshops to bestow the latest knowledge in the field.

Internships with KSOM pay Rich Dividends

Internship is an opportunity for the advancement of the skills as it provides practical exposure to the students to gain first-hand experience. Apart from extensive corporate exposure, it helps in network building and also results in several pre-placement offers for its students.

Robust Mentorship Program

Mentorship plays a significant role in the lives of the students academically and personally. It enriches the students educational journey through career guidance and shared knowledge. It helps build up the confidence to face the real-world challenges by implementing problem-solving strategies in a volatile and dynamic environment. A trust is formed between the mentee and the mentor in the process where various issues from personal problems to career choices are discussed in an optimum manner. Apart from the faculty mentoring program, peer mentoring is also a critical part of KSOM where students of the second year help the first-year students in issues related to academics and career guidance.

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Assessment Centre

Assessment centre helps students identify their weak areas and work on strengthening them. Each student is carefully tested on various areas – it includes both so­ and academic skills – and then scored. Each scorecard is shared with the respective mentor so that the student can get focused attention. The student’s improvement is tracked over time and any intervention required is done.

A Gamut of Student-Oriented Activities

A dedicated Student Development Committee comprising of faculty members supports students in constituting student clubs and societies and organizing various co-curricular and extra-curricular events. More than 70 events happen every year in the campus with almost 1000+ participants taken cumulatively. With 8 clubs, 6 Special Interest Groups and 2 Social Clubs, the campus is always abuzz with activities.

For students who are aspiring to join KSOM, Apply Here www.ksom.ac.in/kiiteem

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