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Create a mission to get MBA admission

Getting an admission into a business school is not easy; one has to clear several entrance exams and personal interviews. To get admission into an MBA programme, one has to be academically bright and possess leadership qualities. 
Essentially, an MBA programme is a preparation for entry into the business world and the programme is designed to hone your business acumen, and communication and analytical skills.
Majority of the business schools only take in students who have a strong reason to obtain an MBA. Hence, to get admission into the business school of your choice, you should create a mission statement and an objective for taking the path of an MBA.
Some students pursue an MBA to gain entrepreneurial skills so that they can start their own businesses one day. Some students are keen on taking up managerial positions, which is why they pursue an MBA.
Similarly, come up with a mission and goals that you hope to achieve in the future and show how these goals can be met with an MBA. 
Studies have shown that students without any strong purpose of getting an MBA are more likely to get a rejection letter from a business school.
 Many people have the misconception that in order to be successful in a career, an MBA is mandatory. This is not true. 
Only a certain number of jobs demand an MBA because in these jobs, candidates are expected to possess certain skills which are only taught in an MBA programme. 
Coming up with a mission statement or a statement of purpose for pursuing an MBA takes time. So, think carefully about what your strengths and interests are. Accordingly, come up with a list of jobs that are suitable for you.
During this process, understand the prerequisites of these jobs. If these jobs demand an MBA, creating a mission statement will be fairly easy. However, if the jobs that you are interested in or your long term goals do not demand an MBA, you can focus your resources on other relevant courses.
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