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Dream, Deserve and Achieve Impossible
Albert Einstein once said, “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” It is important to dream big and set difficult goals for yourself. 
Only then will you be able to stretch your mind and limits, step beyond your comfort zone and explore avenues which you once thought were impossible.
We come across challenges at every step in our lives; instead of running away from challenges, we should face and tackle them. When solving problems and challenges, we are bound to make mistakes, but this should not stop us from trying and reaching our goals. 
All of us set goals to give our lives some meaning and purpose. Some of the goals set by students include getting into a good business school and obtaining an MBA. 
Entrance exams for MBA are competitive but if you are committed to achieving your goals, you will tackle every obstacle along the way until you achieve the impossible.
Those who dream big and work hard to reach their goals are deserving of success. Wright brothers, two individuals who invented the airplane, we are not afraid to dream big. In 1800s, people used to travel by sea or on land. No one had ever thought about travelling by air. 
In fact, when the Wright brothers observed and studied birds and decided to incorporate several features into their airplane design, people made fun of them. In the eyes of the public, travelling by air was ‘impossible.’ 
However, the Wright brothers were determined and did not lose their focus. They dreamt big and after many trials, they managed to come up with a successful prototype and proved to mankind that nothing is impossible.
Success comes to those who deserve it – people who are not afraid of failures. If the Wright brothers had been afraid of failure, they would not even have tried to put their theories into practice, and we would be still travelling by sea for months to reach a destination that only takes several hours today. 
So, never be afraid of challenges. Challenges help you to grow and realize your potential. Everyone is blessed with unique abilities and we should put our intelligence to test by dreaming big and achieving the impossible. 
Never underestimate the power of dreams as dreams have the ability to change lives of millions, just like how the dream of Wright brothers managed to changes the lives of millions of people across centuries. 

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