Have you asked yourself, Why MBA?

Have you asked yourself, Why MBA?
Have you asked yourself, Why MBA?
Many people pursue an MBA because others are doing it. Most people have the perception that after getting a business degree, they will get high-paying jobs and will end up in managerial positions. 
These reasons are not strong enough to pursue an MBA. Not everyone with an MBA gets a high-paying job in the first instance. Even after an MBA, one’s career path is meandering; it is not a bed of roses. 
One should pursue an MBA if he/she is passionate about leading people and making changes on the macro level. Only such people will be successful in their careers and lives. 
An MBA empowers you with business knowledge and skills to improve corporate strategies for the welfare of the stakeholders. At business schools, you are taught to enhance productivity, which in turn would lead to higher revenue for the company. 
A business education does not revolve around higher salaries alone; it is about changing the way people think for the benefit of the company, sector, and the country.
So, before pursuing an MBA, ask yourself these questions:
 (a) What do I hope to achieve from an MBA?
 (b) What are my plans after graduation?
 (c) Does the career path that I have chosen require me to do an MBA?
After answering the aforementioned questions, you will be in a position to make the right choice with regard to a business education. Also, not all MBA degrees have equal value. 
In this competitive world, it is not sufficient to have any business degree; one should have a business degree from a reputed college or university. 
The credibility of professors, caliber of your classmates and other graduates from the university, quality of education and curriculum, and the university’s relationships with recruiting companies play an important role in your future career opportunities.
So, before you embark on the MBA journey, ask yourself some important questions on the relevance of the degree in your career aspirations.
Also, understand your passion and interests before applying to business schools or preparing for MBA entrance exams. Only those who are determined to make changes in the corporate world should pursue an MBA.
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