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 How synonyms help you to build vocabulary?

When an individual comes across a new word, be in while reading novels, newspapers or magazines, he/she immediately flips the pages of a dictionary to understand the definition of the word. 
Sometimes, a word can have two or more definitions. In that case, how do you know the right definition of the word? One way is to match the definition to the context in which the word is being used. 
Instead of going through all this hassle, a simpler way to understand the meaning of a word and at the same time build you vocabulary is to refer to the thesaurus or find synonyms of that particular word. 
When you find synonyms of a word, you will come across both simple and complex words. Simple words will help you to understand the definition of the word and complex words will enhance your vocabulary level, which will come in handy for your MBA entrance exams. 
When you find synonyms of a word, you can also understand the various contexts in which they can be used.
For example, the synonyms of ‘energetic’ are active, strong, tough and vivacious. All the four synonyms of energetic are used in different contexts; active is used to describe someone who is full of life whereas tough can mean that one is emotionally strong or physically strong.
Make it a point to note these synonyms in a book so that you can refer to them regularly.
As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect,” you should try to use new words and their synonyms in conversations or in essays.
By using these words regularly, you will retain the words as well as their meanings in your brain. 
Games such as Scrabble, Jumble, and Boggle also help you to improve your language skills and take your vocabulary to the next level. 
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