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Why are you tested in language skills?
Language skills are essential for success in the business world, which is why candidates are tested on communication and language skills in MBA entrance exams.
In MBA entrance exams, you are given passages and told to read between the lines, interpret sentences, and comprehend the gist of the passages. These skills are essential when you attain managerial positions after completing your MBA. 
As a manager and a business leader, you will be required to read, write and interpret business proposals. And to comprehend business proposals well, you need to have good language skills. 
As a business leader, you will also be required to analyse case studies, convince your bosses and clients, and present your ideas effectively to multiple stakeholders. You will be able to succeed in the aforementioned tasks if you have good communication skills.
You should be able to write and speak well; additionally, your speech and writing should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. All these are honed while you prepare for MBA entrance exams.
Language skills play an important role in your MBA admission and job interviews too. During interviews, you are asked a number of questions, for which you need to formulate answers on the spot. Here, your confidence and ability to convey your thoughts and ideas in an easy manner are tested. 
Many students are comfortable with the quantitative ability section of MBA entrance exams, but they start panicking when they look at verbal ability and logical reasoning sections.
Language skills take time to develop, which is why you should start early by reading English newspapers and watching English news. The more well-read you are, the more confident you will be in the English language. Language plays an important role not only in the workplace but in other spheres of our lives too.  
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