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Those of you are appearing in GD (Group Discussion) which is being conducted by various B-Schools may note that the following is the outcome of the opinion poll which has been conducted by MBA Rendezvous

When we asked MBA aspirants that Which is the most important factor in GD ?
Then the findings from 103 respondents came out as follows :
  • Majority of 45.63% MBA Aspirants feel that Communication Skills are always observed by MBA admission selection panel in GD
  • 17.48% feel that with Positive Attitude you can win over admission selection panel
  • Minority of 16.50% were of the opinion that it is the body language which communicates to admission selection panel that you can be the right candidate but chances are high that panelist can themselves observe other parameters which are predefined in GD hence, sometimes body language plays minimal role 
  • 20.39% still believe that it is the leadership qualities which are observed in GD 
Without doubt in GD you would be judged on the matrix of predefined parameters which will be mix of communication skills but your attitude can be a game changer in GD


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