WAT & PI scores will add up 50/100 to final composite score at IIM Indore

Score at IIM Indore

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 IIM Indore
The candidates who aspire to get admitted at IIM Indore will not only have to pass through Sectional but Overall Percentile Cut-offs CAT 2014
Computation of Composite Score 
10th Standard / SSC Score
35∗[  Zcandidate – Zmin  ]
               Zmax - Zmin
12th  Standard / HSC Score
35∗[  Zcandidate – Zmin  ]
                Zmax - Zmin
CAT – 2014 Overall Score
27∗[ Candidate's CAT overall Score]
            Highest CAT Overall Score
Gender Diversity Factor (GDF)
= 3 for Female Applicants
= 0 for Other Applicants
Composite Score = Sum of the above scores(Max 100)
Note: Zcandidate, Zmin , Zmax for 10th and 12th Standard are computed using the normalisation process.
All those candidates who are getting short listed for WAT & PI are being informed soon by IIM Indore
For further details please Visit Admission Policy at IIM Indore
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