Our Dipstick Survey finds that Students are serious to go for MBA

Our Dipstick Survey

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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Published :  Lavleen Kaur Kapoor | July 17, 2015 | 03:30 PM IST

Over a period of time MBA is getting beating in the market and it has become a demand and supply issue. MBA Institutes are in plenty and MBA aspirants are decreasing year by year. 

Why so? On our analyzing this issue it has been found that graduating students at universities are getting placed slightly in a better way and more over Industry found MBA pass outs as unemployable because of sole reason that it is the least expected from MBA pass outs that they understand the domain of industry otherwise fresh graduates are easy to be molded as per the requirement. 

Another issue which emerged was that fresher at degree college are not aspiring for money but experience and showed more passion for learning

With the above views Team MBA Rendezvous conducted a dipstick study and findings were positively alarming. 

To our question, which of the following factor motivates you to go for MBA?

Total 104 respondents responded as shown in bar Graph below: 


It is obvious with the above findings that good days for MBA are coming again and since students themselves are serious to go for MBA to understand business processes in depth and wish to become professional, the chances of MBA progarmme will be top of mind with students. 

That will yield them not only better recognition with Industry with sound placements but pass outs can positively venture to become entrepreneur. 

Time is opportune to take up multiple MBA entrances exams and compete with likeminded best of the students and then vie for becoming professional. 

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