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Forget MBA If You Are Not Doer

For many students passing out of colleges, MBA seems to be the default option, an option that they think is an easy way to get a job and begin earning. Once they do make it to a business school and begin the course, their preconceived notions begin to collapse before their eyes. They realize that an MBA is not a cakewalk but a rigorous course.

The curriculum of every course reflects or changes with the times. The course needs to stay relevant to the real world. The MBA curriculum, too, reflects the dynamic scenarios of the business world, which has become intensely competitive and even ruthless. This has had a direct impact on the course, which has evolved into an intense programme, in sync with the global demands. The blend of theory and practical makes the MBA course an extremely challenging course. 

Once enrolled in the MBA, one should expect challenging coursework and long hours of work. Given the dynamic nature of the course and flexibility in the curriculum, several courses incorporate the study and examination of the relevant case studies that supplement the key principles of theory.

Along with this, field visits to corporate houses, manufacturing plants and so on, to make the students observe the implementation and implication of what they study in the classroom in the real practical world are a part of the MBA course. The students, thus, are kept on their toes throughout the semester.

Although, there are MBA programmes tailor made to suit specific requirements, for instance Executive MBA for experienced professionals, Part Time MBA for working professionals, the Full Time MBA requires two academic years of full –time class work. Credits are assigned to various sub courses to be covered under the core subjects such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources and others. Additionally, constant supervision of professors and mentors means that the pressure is on the student at all times.A person should not be fooled into believing that an MBA programme does not require much efforts.

Like other things in life, an MBA requires a ‘Can-do’ attitude. A person, who displays keenness, enthusiasm, and the will to accomplish any task/ challenge within deadlines will be comfortable doing MBA.

The pressure of classes, daily assignments, field trips, projectscan be handled more effectively by a person who is well organised, hardworking, positive, and believes in doing things. A laidback person, who procrastinates and is not focussed will find the sailing tough. 

An MBA programme is also a job- oriented course. The aim of most students doing n MBA is to have a job at the end of it. So, while, they keep themselves abreast with the needs of the curriculum on one hand, on the other, they also need to keep an eye on the changing environment and hone their skills to meet the high demands of the recruiters.

A disorganised, lazy person will be unable to do so much, whereas a person with a positive attitude will turn challenges into opportunities.

Thus, MBA is not your cup of tea, if you are not willing to work hard and sacrifice your leisure. Do an MBA only if you are committed to excel at it and exploit it in the best way possible.

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