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Published :  Lavleen Kaur Kapoor | May 16, 2016 | 09:40 AM IST

You must not do MBA under peer pressure

Since an MBA appears to be an easy way to a decent job, it is the default choice of many candidates. Many of them take up MBA because it is a popular course and everyone around them seems to be doing it. Very soon, they realize their mistake and find themselves not suitable for the course or vice versa.

In India, what the neighbour and relatives’ children are doing forms a point of comparison and contrast in every household. The intense pressure put on a child by comparing him/her with his/her peers, even at the expense of dismissing the child’s own interests and talents proves hazardous to the confidence of the child as well as his/her future. The child lives with an inferiority complex and gages himself with respect to his/her peers rather than carving out his/her own identity.

In many fields, peer pressure plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of children. It dictates their habits, hobbies, behaviour and other aspects of their lives. Education is one field where peer pressure plays a crucial role. In a dangerous trend, even the career choices are dictated more by peer pressure and less by an individual’s choice. What is popular is given more weightage than what is in the best interest of the child or what the child really wants to do.

In this context, students, who do not have the aptitude for an MBA, who are not really interested in doing an MBA, end up taking it because it happens to be a popular choice, especially in their friend circles.Soon, they realize that it is not what they want to do. But, because of the high costs of investment involved, they find themselves in a trap and are unable to come out of it.

The first and foremost thing that you should do is to know about yourself. Before knowing your aptitude, your interests and what you want out of life, you should not hasten into opting for any course. Because the choices you make at that critical juncture will determine the kind of life you live. Therefore, it is important to research about an MBA course before opting for it.

This includes finding out about the various subjects or specializations in the curriculum, comparing it with your interests, the things required to be done during the semester and asking yourself a fundamental question, “Why do you want to do an MBA?” only if you have all the answers should you go ahead with an MBA. 

An MBA is not an easy course. It requires commitment, hard work, positive attitude and a focussed mind to turn the many challenges that the course hurls at the students into opportunities. Add to this, the investment required to do an MBA runs onto lakhs of rupees.

Many students end up taking student loans from banks, but, once, the time to pay back the loan begins, students begin to feel anxious, as not all of them get lucky with the kind of jobs they desire. Doing an MBA because of peer pressure is, therefore, not a good idea. 

Peer pressure can be dangerous and negatively impact one’s life and future. If your choice of MBA is blindly guided by your peer group, the two years of MBA will seem like an eternity to you.

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