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Published :  Saurav Seth | June 27, 2016 | 10:20 AM IST

Luck will elude you in competitive exams

If preparation for any exam is made on a marginal basis then we often invite the luck factor to help us out. It many times do work. It is a situation where questions are answered based on guesswork and where by one mark one can either pass or fail. It is an irony that it just takes one mark to change the rank and selection all by itself. So, how good is the idea to rely on luck when it comes to competitive exams? For degree exams, however one can rely on the act that similar questions might come up by practicing sample exam papers of last few years. However for competitive examinations like the CAT, XAT, MAT, NMAT, SNAP there are no set patterns or trends to follow. Destiny will catch by surprise if one is not prepared completely.

The best part about luck as it has been experienced since years by mankind is that it helps only those who are aggressively helping their own selves. If one is well prepared for their competitive exams, then luck does be by their side like a guiding light.  Many times it happens in case of competitive exams that pupils do not get the idea about the concept based on which questions are raised in the paper. But if one is vigilant and well aware of all subjects then, some information closely related to the topic can make them lucky. So, once again being prepared for the exam is what can save one and not just dependence on luck alone

Quick points that can help one in competitive exams :-

More practice more analysis – Luck is an assumption of the future event. People who rely on them are not very smart. The only thing that can save one is preparation, preparation and lots of preparations. More varieties of questions must be practiced. Couple it up with a deep analysis and understanding about what one is practicing, what are the weak sectors and rework to strengthen them.

Smart work is the weapon – No one perhaps can teach what smart work is. Smart work is what makes one make efforts smartly but allows them to gain more. For an example: a student studies everything but does not practice it. It is a disaster. It is important to customize the study schedule hence. It is important to plan topics for competitive exams and analyze their weight age.

Manage time – One more thing that can help is managing the time effectively. Millions of strong students sit for such exams and they all have strong strategies. Know what the weak and strong areas are and manage the time in the exam working on them.

Mental stability, confidence and positivity- If the individual sitting for the exam has mental strength then perhaps nothing can beat him and there is no requirement to be devoted to luck for such high spirited people.  Positive attitude, confidence and strength in the mind can make one glide through these exams.

Inspirations – For every success in life there is a strong sense of inspiration working behind it. So does for competitive examinations. One must keep them inspired to be at the top level of big organizations in public or private sector. Such inspiration can lead to better results in exams.

Be physically and mentally sound – Giving up on studying and practicing is the last thing one can do.Compeitive exams are not at all easy. It is important to balance study hours and sleep hours. One can ensure physical and mental soundness if this is balanced. Taking breaks at intervals while practicing for exams also helps increasing study hours than sitting at a stretch for long hours.

Do not be misled - In this decade where technology rules our lives many things are found easily available at our fingertips. It is difficult to fetch the right thing among the pool of so many free things. Studying things not relevant to the exam is simply wastage.

So be very sure that luck will elude in the competitive exams. At that time it is only hard work, previous practice, stamina and effective time management that will come to one’s aid.

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