Is it a dead end for me for not achieving 90+ percentile?

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Published :  Arun Arora | June 30, 2016 | 12:15 PM IST

Is it a dead end for me for not achieving 90+ percentile? 

In the face of ruthless competition in the modern day and age, only the most brilliant and intelligent people, with luck on their side, crack the top MBA exams such as CAT. As there are only a handful of premier institutes such as IIMs, not everyone who sits for CAT will go ahead. Several others, who don’t fall in the 90+ percentile bracket, will be left behind disappointed. For these students, it is important to see this phase through and not lose heart. 

1. Don’t lose confidence

Most people who sit for CAT aim for the top management institutes in the country, namely the IIMs. However, only a limited number of students clear the exam and get a call for the interview from the IIMs. Since, there is a lot of pressure involved, the aspirants who do not make it to the IIMS, are naturally dejected and lose confidence. In such a scenario, it is crucial to maintain self- confidence and accept the results. Life does not end if you do not score more 90+ percentile. There’s more to life than IIMs. Explore your options wisely but you will be able to do this only if you remain confident about your abilities.

2. Explore other B schools

For those who do not make it to the IIMs, due to a low percentile, it is time to think about other business schools and look beyond IIMs. There are many good business schools in the country and abroad which consider considerably low percentiles as well. These schools also offer decent infrastructure and placement opportunities and are definitely worth considering.

3. Consider other entrances

CAT is just one of the entrance exams for MBA courses in the country, which doors to IIMs. However, there are other entrances as well, for other good business schools in the country, such as XAT, SNAP, NMAT, TISSET, IIFT,MAT,CMAT. An aspirant, who has scored a low percentile in CAT and does not get a call from any of the IIMs, might as well consider writing other entrances to gain admission in other good management institutes.

4. Prepare well and write again the next year

If you can’t think beyond the IIMs, then consider writing the CAT the next year. Use the intervening year to brush up your preparation and skills, to give yourself a better chance of cracking CAT. Identify your weak areas and work on improving them diligently. 

5. Make yourself more employable

Regardless of whether you get 80,90,99 percentile, you ought to make yourself employable by adding skills to your resume. Sitting idle, waiting for a chance is never an option. Use your spare time to acquire the skills which will be useful to you in your career, such as brushing up language skills, developing your personality, acquiring leadership skills, attaching yourself to a social cause among other things. The idea is to use time judiciously.

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