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Published :  Ajay Vaishnav | July 28, 2017 | 10:30 AM IST

With An Aim Of 100 Percentile, You Are Competing In CAT

Getting into a premier business management institute is a dream of all the Common Admission Test 2017 candidates. The dream can only be realised if a candidate aims to achieve 100 percentile and competes with that goal in his mind. Aiming for a 100 percentile is a desirable condition as it keeps an MBA aspirant to not stray from their target. It is a constant reminder to them what they are up against if there is any chance to get into a preferred IIM.  A drop in percentile will definitely end his/her chance to get into a preferred institute. The top three IIMs reportedly consider anything below 98 as a mediocre score. Likewise, other IIMs reportedly call aspirants in the 92-93-percentile bracket. 

A percentile is different from per cent. The percentile rank of a score is the percentage of scores in its frequency distribution that are equal to or lower than it.When aiming for 100 percentile, CAT aspirants must not forget that IIMs also prescribe minimum qualifying sectional scores along with overall score to shortlist the candidates. The new IIMs reportedly keep the sectional score in the range of 90 percentile whereas the old IIMs keep it well above 93-94 percentile. 

An aspirant is expected to score above the minimum cut-off percentile in each of the three sections along with an overall high percentile score. For instance, an aspirant scoring 99 in verbal and comprehension, 99 in quantitative, but scores less than 80 in data interpretation will not be shortlisted in any of the old as well as new IIMs. On the contrary, a candidate scoring a balanced score in all three sections and clocking a 94-95 percentile score can stand a chance of getting shortlisted. 

To compare it with cricket, CAT is not a Twenty-20 slam-bang match wherein an accelerated run rate during the slog overs can take you to a comfortable score. Instead CAT 2017 is like a well-planned test match where a winning team outperforms the losing team in all departments and dominates in a majority of sessions. Consistency like in a cricket test match is the hallmark of CAT as well. A shortage of one percentile in just one section could jeopardize your chances like not scoring those crucial one or two runs or not taking that last wicket.


A 100 percentile is achievable if an aspirant ensures that no section remains underprepared. A section with lower percentile will invariably reduce your overall percentile. A drop of even a single percentile could drag your score affecting your standing in the list. It is important to constantly give your best performance. Again brining the cricket analogy, it is important to keep that scoreboard moving by maintaining the run-rate every over. 

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