MBA = Job. Is It The Only ROI?


Lavleen kaur kapoor

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MBA = Job. Is It The Only ROI?

“If you are someone who is driven by the urge to earn money and knowledge at the same time, then you must wait no longer and get enrolled into a MBA degree programme.” – This is the philosophy 98% of the individuals follow.

However, as per Management Gurus   the real worth of MBA varies greatly from person to person. It is true that none of the MBA programs come free of cost. Admissions, books, study materials, living expenditures etc all add up to be a high amount of opportunity costs. Even if you are someone who is an Executive MBA, you are required to pay a value as you will either miss your weekends or will not be able to perform the same way at work as before due to the program related study and time needed.

So, exactly why will someone bear all these costs and still feel enthusiastic and encouraged to undergo a full time MBA program? A very easy way to answer this is a potential increased salary. It is expected that one is exposed to the future potentials of earning double of the pay or the opportunity one had in a company before being a MBA once one attains it. It largely depends on the condition and status quo of the job one had before the MBA however. Some MBAs might earn just as they were earning before joining the program. We really cannot judge the benefits of a MBA program just in terms of job or ROI, return on investment. Let us read what different people think about the real worth of getting a MBA.

Some individuals find the program and the academicals associated with it to be highly beneficial and rewarding. A good and efficient manager is just not born with the required skills, they are made with the help of programs like MBA.  Going for programs like this means to provide one the required aptitudes  for pursuing These courses are effectively designed to make one a true leader.  Throughout the course curriculum are well designed assignments which are aimed to make one adept in managing a variety of organisational situations and group tasks. These help students to become better professionals industry ready in its truest sense. Not only can they efficiently guide their peers but also redirect an organisation to heights of success. The opportunity to be coached for specific skillsets like time management, project management, stress management , negotiating skills etc shapes up the entire professional aptitude of an individual.

For students living out of their country on account of the MBA program, it is rewarding to have a different experience of living far from home and family in a different culture amidst different people. It is a highly personalised experience where the individual spends a lot of time surviving oneself in an altogether different environment and learns enormously in the process. Many times, one comes back as a totally different person. Being able to be a part of universities and colleges where pupils from over 70 countries drop by is nothing less rewarding.

For some students, completion of the MBA makes them true professionals. Their way of looking at things change. They go far beyond the rulebook and theories. They become real dreamers who are fit to tread on any industry they want and be successful in it. Their enriched knowledge, exposure to the world and confidence to turn things to their favour makes them valuable as a professional.

There are many factors that must be measured for assessing the real worth of the MBA experience. Basically, it is a mixture of various factors. In fact, the ROI is not at all the sole factor for undergoing a MBA program.  The crucial step for those who are eager to become better managers and better professionals is to take details notes of the vital studies and opportunities a MBA offers to them and excel in them.  The end result will be to be the proud beholder of the ability to sail through every situation without struggle and build up outstanding teams in the process. 

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