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For individuals who are passionate about the healthcare profession but don't have any MBBS or medical degree, pursuing a PGDM in Healthcare Management is an excellent opportunity to engage with the field professionally. Designed by one of the premier names, Goa Institute of Management, PGDM (HCM) is the perfect fit for your healthcare ambitions.

This postgraduate diploma program offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. By the end of the program, students will master the science of healthcare management.

With a student intake of 60 and a duration of 2 years, this residential program becomes an immersive learning experience. Let’s learn more about this wonderful offering by GIM.

recruitmentWhy Should You Consider a Career in Healthcare Management?

Considering a career in healthcare management can open doors to a world of meaningful opportunities and impactful leadership roles. And the best part is, you don’t even need an MBBS degree to do that.

A postgraduate diploma in management (healthcare management) is ideal for individuals who want to build a fulfilling career overseeing healthcare organizations.

With this qualification, you can specialize in healthcare domains, consult on business operations within the healthcare sector, lead marketing and sales strategies, and delve into healthcare IT as a consultant or business analyst.

By the end of the course, you will be trained enough to contribute to public health initiatives. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow by 28% from 2022 to 2032, which is way higher than any other profession because healthcare needs and professional requirements in this niche are never-ending.

factorsWhy is GIM's PGDM (HCM) unique?

Goa Institute of Management's Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management (PGDM-HCM) stands out as a unique offering, blending theory with practical applications to prepare students for the dynamic healthcare sector.

By integrating case studies, simulations, and gamification into the courses, GIM further ensures that students develop practical problem-solving skills for this niche.

What sets the PGDM-HCM apart is its interdisciplinary approach, merging management principles with healthcare functions. The learning experience extends beyond the classroom through various initiatives. Catching a glimpse of how it happens

  1. Approaches: The institute utilizes varied teaching methodologies employed to facilitate effective learning, such as case studies, simulations, group discussions, and experiential learning.

  2. Give Goa Health: This initiative by GIM focuses on promoting health awareness and well-being among students, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Know Your Healthcare Provider (KYHP): The program by GIM aims at familiarizing students with different healthcare providers, including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations, to understand their roles and functions within the healthcare system.

  4. Student Exchange Program: Through this program, students participate in fun activities with partner institutions abroad, allowing them to gain international exposure and experience different healthcare systems and practices.

  5. International Collaborations: Aside from SEP, partnerships with international universities, organizations, or healthcare institutions enhance learning opportunities, research collaborations, and cultural exchanges for GIM students.

  6. Summer Internship: Mandatory or optional internships during the summer break provide HCM students with practical experience in healthcare management settings.

  7. Co-curricular Activities: Extracurricular activities, workshops, seminars, and events are organized alongside the academic curriculum at GIM to foster personal and professional development, leadership skills, and networking opportunities in PGDM HCM grads.

adviceHow will GIM's PGDM (HCM) equip you for Success?

When it comes to carving out a successful career in healthcare management, the right education can make all the difference.

From healthcare policy and economics to strategic management and quality improvement, through GIM's PGDM (HCM) program, students gain insights into every aspect of the healthcare industry, making it one of the best courses to grow in your career.

Moreover, the program incorporates practical learning experiences, industry interactions, and case studies to ensure that students are well-prepared to tackle real-world challenges in the healthcare sector.

One of the standout features of GIM's PGDM (HCM) program is its track record of impressive salary packages for graduates. The recent batch of HCM 2023 witnessed remarkable achievements, with international students securing the highest salary package of Rs. 60 LPA, while domestic students weren't far behind, with the highest package reaching 29 LPA.

Even more impressive is the program's average package, standing at Rs 15 LPA, which speaks volumes about the value it delivers to students.

No doubt, by choosing this program, students position themselves for rewarding career opportunities in various healthcare industry sectors, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, consulting firms, and healthcare technology startups.


GIM's PGDM (HCM) excellence in healthcare management education speaks volumes through the rewarding careers of students. The institute’s HCM program is a blend of academic rigor, practical exposure, and industry relevance. However, if you are already from a medical background, pursuing this program can expose you to some bigger advantages. 

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