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In the wake of global competition, there's a conjecture among many Indian MBA aspirants that IIM interviews are hard to crack. IIMs go through various infiltration processes to select the most desirable and suitable candidates. To me, an interview at IIMs is different but not challenging. Because in the interview round, IIMs do not seek the answers related to imaginary astronomy from the candidates. They attempt to find the responses from the candidates in which one is prepared for oneself. The interviews are dependent on the candidate's application and the SOP (Statement of Purpose) by the candidate.

The key to crack an IIM interview for the one is to know about oneself full-fledged. There are instances where a candidate has projected numerous interests and hobbies; however, the candidate can answer only 15% of the questions related to one's interested field. The candidate will be in a vulnerable position in the interview panel. On the other hand, some candidates project a handful of interests and hobbies to speak in-depth with the interviewer. It attracts the interviewer to know about the candidate profoundly and helps them assess themselves in a challenging situation. It will assist the candidates in the self-evaluation process that will turn scrupulous in later stages of their lives. Instead, an interview at IIM is not meant to interrogate the candidate; it focuses on having a sheer conversation with the candidate to evaluate them based on his critical thinking, academic background, general awareness and behavioural aspects. An IIM interview will never be a Q&A round. The interviewer evaluates the interviewee and finds oneself in a world that one dreams of while preparing for MBA entrance examinations.

IIMs do not follow an ideal pattern in conducting an interview. It displays the uniqueness in the discussions with every candidate. For instance: for a graduate from Engineering, the interview streamlines in one dimension, and for a professional with work experience in an industry, the interview glides in another dimension. The interview discussions at IIM are indeterminately predictable because the interviewers choose to frame the questions from the candidate's profile, and the conversations are wholly inclusive.

The interviews at IIMs sound different but not complex unless the aspirants are thoroughly prepared with their respective academic and work profiles.

About the author: Sasi Kiran Yeluri is pursuing his post-graduation in one year MBA- Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) at IIM, Udaipur. He has work experience of 46 months in Insurance (Property and Special Risk) and Operations (Consumer services) domains. He worked with multinational firms: Chubb, American International Group (AIG) and Amazon Development Center. Besides, he is inclined towards writing and self-published two fictional novels (Cleped: A sunless Secret & Wonderment: Tuning dots) on Amazon.com and Notinpress.com.

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sasi-kiran-yeluri-6ba3b7121/

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