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ICFAI Business School (IBS) has delivered quality education and excellent academic results over 25 years. Since its inception in 1995, IBS has extended innovative curriculum and globally accepted programs providing great opportunities for holistic development.

Going digital is the "new normal"

Of all the status-quos that covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the education sector has definitely faced the biggest challenge so far. Knowledge delivery has not remained the same as how it used to be earlier. IBS had expeditiously adapted to the ‘new-normal’ style of imparting education.

We made a multifaceted digital learning approach that addressed a large number of students together without technical glitches. IBS re-constructed the existing educational content and made it accessible for all.

IBS provides online learning and transformed its teaching, learning and conduct of exams into more engaging and impactful manner than any other B-School in India. Here, at IBS, curriculum was redesigned with a very thoughtful blend of contemporary and modern learning modes. Classes are now more interactive and impactful.

What made IBS stand out from all the other B-Schools during this pandemic was, IBS was spontaneous to adapt how education could be now imparted online.  IBS has always stood ahead of its time when it comes to blending technology with regular classes.

IBS e-Learning department makes it convenient both for faculty and students to be in touch with each other throughout the ongoing pandemic.  Apart from the online classes, a series of webinars and leadership programs are also carried on-line.  Industry networking and leadership trainings are continuously conducted with the students to make them industry ready and nurture them to become global leaders.

IBS eLearning Department has taken the following initiatives during the Covid- 19 Pandemic like:

  1. Capacity Building
  2. Infrastructure Readiness
  3. Academic Delivery in Blended Online Learning Mode
  4. Moodle Mobile App
  5. Management Information System (MIS) Reports

ICFAI Business School truly believes the age old saying, “Change is the only constant”. As we help our students to grow in all aspects of life, we also work hard in changing and upgrading our educational techniques to meet the global standards of the fast changing environment.


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