Agility in Management Education: The Burning Need of the Hour

Agility in Management Education: The Burning Need of the Hour

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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IMS Ghaziabad, right from its inception has striven to become the management school which nurtures business leadership and meets the expectation of ever changing industrial and commercial world. We are raising its global prominence by enhancing its position as an international leader in management education and thought generation.

Pedagogy today has become a function of technology and this relationship becomes all the more promising when used to address the educational needs of the constantly changing and fast evolving business school education. Business schools today are responsible for empowering future managers and leaders with not only the knowledge and insights but also with the ability to sense and respond to the unanticipated changes of the turbulent business environment.

The need of the hour is to conceptualize an integrated pedagogical framework that combines "richness" of augmented reality, classroom teaching and academic research with "reach" of social networking to yield a paradigm of agile education.

The institute has been developing a distinctive brand of leadership, equipped to address critical challenges faced by industry and society. With 31 years of legacy in management education, we have developed a unique brand and tradition of carving the students in order to serve the society with quality bunch of future leaders and entrepreneurs. We visualize IMS as an institution which imparts strategic vision, practical wisdom and core business disciplines to foster and nurture leaders capable of making difference in various arena of life.

In today's age, where the world is riding in at a fast pace, one must be proficient to weigh up in a dynamic approach and execute desired task resourcefully. Today's turbulent environment requires efficient leadership and the talent to think beyond obvious.

The threefold challenge faced by contemporary education system is:

  1. Students do not enter the workforce of today with all of the technical skillsets and agile mindset they need to succeed.
  2. Teachers cannot “relay knowledge they don’t have themselves.”
  3. The education system needs to be more customized to different learning paths and learning journeys.

To combat these issues, a strong focus is required in order to nurture the vital three tenets – Agile students, Agile teachers and Agile education systems. IMS Ghaziabad endeavors to remain at the crest of change and continue to develop management thought that address vital business, social and human needs.

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