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Interview With Suraj Chhatoi

Ques. Please share a glimpse of your journey so far?
I was selected by TCS and I was working in SAP PP Profile for NXP Semiconductor project. I left that job and joined my family business in 2018 and then I expanded my family’s micro packaging business of staple foods. Currently I’m leading all of my 3 firms.

Ques. In your view, how does a B-School prepare you for the industry?
Ans. According to my experience B-school education gives you a deep insight to the business world and helps in understanding when one ventures into the market. 

Ques. Do you see a difference in your life, both professional and personal, after your MBA programme?
Ans. Definitely Yes. It has made me smart and taught me how to pitch a product efficiently. It has sharpened my interpersonal skills too. Be it negotiating with business partners or planning and executing a project, MBA has enabled me to deliver all these perfectly.

Ques. What were your expectations from your MBA programme?
I joined MBA because I wanted to gain knowledge on our Indian business sector and understand consumer behaviour. I was fortunate to learn it from some of the top faculty in the country

Ques. Do you miss campus life? What are the things you miss the most about your campus life? Please share. 
I have spent the best 2 years of my life at KSOM. I miss everything about my college, right from my hostel to the class rooms, from the canteen to the conference hall, everything was memorable and ‘world class’ and these can make anybody fall in love with the Campus. I miss the national conclaves, campus activities, placement drives and the lovely campus grounds.

Ques. Besides academics, what are the other things you enjoyed doing and how did these enrich your life?
Ans. I’m an author by heart, a lifter by love, a singer by passion and a leader by nature. I always loved to take initiative to do something new and exciting in the campus. I was the spoc of our Media club, an active member of Sanskriti (Cultural club), captain of our football team ‘Spartan’, spoc of Book Hive (Literature club) and along with that organizer of many events. All these things were possible only because of the exposure I was getting from my campus. 

Ques. As an alumnus of KSOM Bhubaneswar, what do you think are the USPs of this elite institute? 
A good career is something that needs good support system, guidance, exposure and experienced faculties’ efficient touch, and a student gets all these things in KSOM

Ques. Please share some words of wisdom for MBA aspirants.
A clear mindset is required before opting for MBA. As it’s a professional course you need to develop all round skills. MBA is kind of a crash course to the world of business/entrepreneurship.. Be it starting a new company, joining the corporate world or scaling up family business, MBA helps. Somewhere I feel that developing skill sets is more important than getting good grades because it all comes down to do well in the market, at ground zero.

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