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MBA after MBBS: The Best MBA Specializations, advantages, Fees and Salary Packages

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MBA - Master of Business Administration is the growing postgraduate degree which plays a pivotal role in almost all sectors.

MBA after MBBS is the new trend that is followed by a lot of medicos currently. It gives them specific knowledge about various specializations such as hospital management, pharmaceutical management, and many other such fields.

MBBS with an MBA opens up more interesting career options that are extraordinary and distinctive, and are frequently more attractive and rewarding as well. Doctors who combine an MBA with an MBBS degree are better able to comprehend and access hospital, healthcare delivery, and treatment procedures, allowing them the chance to innovate and cut out inefficiency.

Doing MBA after MBBS helps the doctors step up the professional ladder which makes your profession extremely unique.

From Science to Management the change is big shift, so the students who have interest in management field will excel in the medical career with management.

Is MBA a good option after MBBS?

Yes, Management is the emerging professions where a lot of medical students opt for MBA and get into the hospital as a doctor as well as in the management part. 

An MBBS degree may stand up to an MBA and guarantee a more fulfilling profession. 

If you want to get into the best B-schools in India you have to clear the entrance examination for MBA which are CAT - Common Admission Test, CMAT - Common Management Test, GMAT, XAT, and other such examinations. Opting for distance education or full-time classes depends on you. You can do pursue the degree even if you are doing a full-time job or an internship, that totally depends on you.

If you are worried about the question will you be able to get into IIMS after MBBS? Let me share the story of an MBBS dropout Ritik Gupta who scored 99.99 percentile in CAT 2021. He was qualified for NEET 2019 and got admitted to DY Patil Medical College, Pune but he wanted to go for MBA so he started preparing for it and aced it despite being from a science background.

Which is the best MBA after MBBS?

MBA in Healthcare Management and Administration is the best MBA after MBBS. The different MBA specializations available for MBBS graduates are:



MBBA in Healthcare Management

2 years

MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management

2 years

MBA in Hospital Administration

2 years

MBA in Healthcare Administration

2 years

These could be the best fields you can do your specialization in and can help you secure a great future with the level of job satisfaction you were searching for.

What are the advantages of doing MBA after MBBS?

The major advantage of doing MBA after MBBS is the quality of leadership that the Doctor get Entering into a business world and understanding the determinants of it could be amongst the best advantages of an MBA after MBBS. Also, you get some of the highest-paid jobs in the country or even internationally.

If you are planning to do MBA after MBBS the following are the advantages that you are going to receive –

  • Corporate world – MBA is going to introduce you to the corporate world where you are to going to learn about how a company operates internally.
  • Communication skills – With MBA you get to work on your communication skills so that you can deliver the right message to the target audience. 
  • Leadership – This is the most important part that an MBA graduate learns during the course. MBA helps people learn leadership skills which can help them guide a team in the future. It helps you lead your skills with passion and enthusiasm which is very important for a leader.
  • Higher Salary – With an MBA after MBBS you can expect a handsome salary because of the knowledge and skill that you are having which could be highly beneficial to a company. MBBS teaches you scientific knowledge while during MBA you get to learn Managerial skills and with the combination of both of them you are proving to be a key element that any firm would like to have in their team and would also pay you a handsome amount.
  • Placement Security – Most of the top colleges in India offer 100% placement to their students. If you are from Tier 1 colleges you are guaranteed a placement in big firms along with a good pay range.

What is the salary of doctors after an MBA?

The average domestic salary of an MBA after MBBA is nearly around 10-30LPA while the average international salary of an MBA after MBBA is 90lakhs to 1.4Cr. The industry has a lot to offer, business opportunities, a competitive market, participation in economic growth, and higher money expectation, all these combine to help you get the best from the course.

These figures prove to you how important are medico MBAs to premier companies and hospitals. It takes nearly 30-40 years for a doctor to settle up in his/her life and by the time they reach that place the new generation comes with an advanced set of skills and knowledge which strikes the older one. So to achieve success from a young age itself, MBBS graduates shift their careers to MBAs.

Is MBA difficult for MBBS students?

No, it is not true. Even an MBBS student can pursue MBA. You can crack entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, etc, and get into top colleges around the country. 

Although the curriculum that you are going to study will be not that similar to that of what you have learned in MBBS, once you get hold of it it will only excite you to read the subjects more and more to grasp the knowledge that you were always looking for.

If you have chosen MBA after MBBS you are already up for anything because most of the students either stop after MBBS or does MD or MS but as you have decided to switch your profession from a doctor to an MBA graduate, then for sure you won't find the course difficult.

When it comes to managerial and administrative prospects, MBBS graduates who pursue an MBA are in a better position than those who only pursue medical degrees. Furthermore, they surpass all MBA candidates with non-medical backgrounds.

So in a manner, earning an MBA after receiving your MBBS may give you the best of both worlds.

Why do doctors do MBA?

Doctors who have a keen interest in the business world and want to know how it functions make them pursue MBA. These days everyone at least once wants to get into the managerial department to experience the corporate world. Most doctors want to gain managerial and business knowledge along with the scientific knowledge that they are carrying on. An MBA gives doctors access to a wide range of employment options and equips them with the business acumen they need to launch their own enterprise.

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