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Goa Institute of Management was established in the year 1993 with a “Next Marking” Management motto as a private premier autonomous business school in Goa.  Goa Institute of Management as an autonomous institution is committed with a mission to create leaders of tomorrow for sustainable business and developing an inclusive society for India and the world. GIM has been unique in terms of its flagship PGDM program and the specializations offered which are one of a kind and has been recognized by our industry partners and recruiters consistently.

Holistic Learning Approach

‘Learning Never Stops at GIM' defines the ethos of the GIM PGDM programmes - that learning at GIM is a holistic continuous process. Out of class activities like student clubs; experience of living on a diverse campus interacting with students from all states of the country, different academic disciplines, varied religious backgrounds; a good measure of exposure to international students through student exchange programs as well as the India immersion programs GIM conducts for students from the United States, Belgium and Poland; the uniqueness of GIM being the only campus in India that has a capella choir, a rock band, a theatre group, a film and photography group and several other such interesting opportunities for experiential learning; being part of GIMs much appreciated and awarded social sensitivity and community engagement program called Give Goa and several other such opportunities of holistic learning than complement our rigorous classroom based programmes.

GIM celebrates culture in a holistic manner where it is not only limited to religious festivals but takes into account sports, films, music, and our environment, all of which are essential aspects of a developing country. By inspiring students to partake in clubs and showcase their talent, the learning moves out of the classrooms into a more informal and entertaining setup. This is where individuals can broaden their minds in a light-hearted manner, often forming bonds with classmates that run thicker than blood.

Future Proof Pedagogy

Carrying forward a 25-year-old legacy, GIM has always been about providing the best education through the finest in various industries. Its location atop a hill in Goa adds to the charm of the institute where natural beauty becomes an integral part of life on campus. In addition to this, an active alumnus, influential guest speakers such as His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and a faculty par excellence make for a learning atmosphere that pushes students to become future world leaders.

The curriculum at the GIM follows the trend of providing a well-rounded education. Its diploma programs start with the Give Goa project where students are encouraged to be socially aware of their surrounding regions and to be a vital part of overall development. What follows is two years of intensive training in honing individual skills. Students learn about different aspects of management from leadership to presentations and working together as a team. The curriculum focuses on the changing nature of the business and how one must adapt to stay ahead and succeed.

Learning with fun

GIM stimulates a sense of friendly competition among the students by awarding medals for excellence in performance at the end of the course. A Summer Internship Program is the final test where students can utilise their learning in the real world, and simultaneously get hands-on experience into the fields of their interest. However, the two years that students spend together is as much about learning from books and the experience of the lecturers as it is about educating each other.

They say an MBA is a life-changing experience. Much of the time spent in a b-school campus about understands you better, meeting new students, interacting with bright and intellectual minds, and exchange of ideas. You discover a new ‘you’ and prepare yourself for your life ahead.

Goa Institute of Management, nestled in the lap of nature, is b-school par excellence. The campus is located in Sanquelim, Goa, and spreads over 50 acres. The city attracts students from all corners of India and walks of life. It leaves no stone unturned in nurturing leaders for sustainable business and inclusive society for India. In addition to the curriculum and pedagogy, the extra-curricular activities at GIM instil the idea of ‘learning with fun.’

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