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Strategies for Answering GMAT Focus Edition Questions

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It takes a special set of strategies to solve GMAT Focus Edition questions and achieve the best results. This streamlined version of the GMAT exam has a shorter time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes compared to the traditional GMAT exam. But unlike other entrance exams, it places a lesser emphasis on general knowledge and more emphasis on key business concepts. 

The new Data Insights section of the GMAT Focus Edition is a noteworthy section that requires test-takers to exercise their analytical and interpretive skills. Over 7,700 business schools worldwide accept the exam, and the scoring is somewhat identical to that of the traditional GMAT, ranging from 205 to 805.

To achieve maximum scoring, you must have an excellent strategy in place for each of the three sections of the GMAT Focus Edition—quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and the fascinating Data Insights section—which have been covered in detail in this article. So take a look.

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Strategies for Answering the GMAT: Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning section is a 45-minute section that tests your ability to solve math problems. The questions in this section are presented in a variety of formats, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and quantitative comparisons.

There are four main types of quantitative reasoning questions: problem solving, data sufficiency, geometry, and data interpretation. To make answering easy, here are some effective strategies to navigate this challenging section:

  1. Practice: To start, spend a lot of time practicing under timed conditions to hone your abilities. There are many questions to answer in GMAT preparation classes, online practice exams, and prep books.

  2. Use the data analysis tools provided by the GMAT: Utilize the GMAT's data analysis tools to their best potential. A whiteboard and calculators are among them. These tools can make complicated calculations simpler.

  3. Flexible Problem-Solving Methods: Recognize that there isn't one way to answer quantitative reasoning questions. Try out several approaches to problem-solving until you find one that works for you.

Strategies for Answering GMAT Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning section is also a 45-minute section that tests your ability to read comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. The questions in this section are presented in a variety of formats, including passages, paired passages, and single sentences. When tackling the GMAT Verbal Reasoning section, it's crucial to have a well-rounded strategy in place. To start,

  1. Enhance your vocabulary: Firstly, a strong vocabulary will be an asset in this section. Expand it in many ways. Understanding complicated literature and the sophisticated language used in the verbal reasoning questions are both made easier with a strong vocabulary.

  2. Understand the Style and Tone: Pay particular attention to the sections' tonality and diction. Understanding the author's tone and writing style might help you better understand their objectives and the overall meaning of the chapter.

  3. The first option is not always the best one. Although it's easy to believe that the first option is the best one, the GMAT focus addition is made to make that assumption more difficult.

Strategies for Answering GMAT Data Insights

The Data Insights section is a 45-minute section that tests your ability to analyze and interpret data. The questions in this section are presented in a variety of formats, including tables, graphs, and charts. Be familiar with the different types of Data Insights questions.

When tackling the GMAT Data Insights section, it's essential to employ effective strategies to optimize your performance. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you excel in this crucial part of the exam:

  1. Become Familiar with Question Types: Start by becoming familiar with the many question styles you might come across, such as tables, graphs, and charts. Knowing these formats inside and out can help you get the test done faster.

  2. Question Skipping: Don't be afraid to skip difficult questions. If you come across one that is particularly challenging, walk on and come back to it later. Mark it as a review so you can quickly find it when you go back to it.

  3. Carefully read the prompt and identify critical information: For each question, carefully read the prompt and determine precisely what is being requested. Pay close attention to the essential details you will need to make your response.

  4. Understanding Data Presentation: Spend some time fully comprehending the information provided in the question. Examine tables, graphs, and charts in great detail.


The GMAT Focus Edition is a good option for business school applicants who are looking for a shorter and more focused exam. But success in the GMAT Focus Edition section requires a combination of dedicated practice, intelligent use of available tools, and a flexible approach to problem-solving. By implementing these strategies, you'll be better equipped to tackle the diverse array of problems that the GMAT Focus Edition throws your way and ultimately achieve your target score.

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