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One of the most useful postgraduate degrees an international student can earn is a Master of Business Administration (MBA). This degree opens many doors regarding your employment, or any business endeavours you wish to pursue. Of all the destinations where students can study for an MBA, the USA is without a doubt one of the most popular. And rightly so: an MBA in the USA can be rewarding, both in terms of the learning experience and also for the post-degree careers an MBA in the United States can offer. Additionally, students can get a great cultural experience by studying in the USA.

And the cultural experiences can vary widely, given the size of the country and the many possibilities for business study within. Many USA-bound MBA students choose to study in a big city, like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, or Houston, for example. Others might choose a lower-key setting, such as New Haven or Cornell.

The USA offers students strong infrastructural support, internship opportunities, and exposure to the latest content and technology developments besides practical training through projects. Exposure to the business environment during internships in top companies helps students become successful future entrepreneurs and business executives.

A stark difference between an MBA in the USA and an MBA anywhere else in the world is – networking. An MBA in the USA is all about expanding your network and getting to know the right people. It is this skill that helps students become successful in their careers. 

Earning an MBA degree from international universities doesn’t come that easy. With high rise in tuition fee, cost of living and education fees being some of the prime reasons, it becomes an arduous task for Indian students to study abroad and earn an MBA degree. To ease the burden of Indian students considering applying for an MBA programme abroad, some foreign universities offer MBA scholarships for Indian Students. They also provide grants and financial assistance for allied expenses of MBA Academics.

Grants and scholarships offered by the internationals business schools are generally based on merit or need. Different kinds of scholarships are also available for Indian students to study abroad — a full scholarship will pay for a student’s entire cost of attendance, whereas a partial scholarship only pays for part.

For all programs of MBA abroad for Indian students, a student visa is mandatory. The United States is one of the most popular destinations for MBA students, as almost half of the top business schools are located in the US. In order to pursue a full-time MBA program in the US, you will need an F1 visa. 

With speculations of H1B restrictions will be eased, this is going to be great news for students and working professionals, especially for Indian candidates. These Indian candidates will now be able to look for better opportunities in the job market. Various steps have been taken so that students can stay on and work in the US, such as expanding the number of visas for the highly skilled and exempting foreign graduates of US doctoral programs from green card caps. So, there will be no cap on visas given from now on. Also, the limit on employment-based H1B visas will be removed. This will be a great advantage for Indian professionals working in the USA. Spouses and children of green card holders can be their immediate relatives and will therefore be exempted from any kind of limits.

With the Covid-19 pandemic getting better, and things getting back to normal, this is going to help the education domain too. Candidates can now fill up their forms and get admission in MBA colleges in the USA and other foreign countries.

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