The Alumni Network of TAPMI is a Boon for MBA Students


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One of the most underrated asset of an educational institute is its alumni strength. The number of students who have passed the institute and the positions they occupy become a crucial resource for the students pursuing their MBA from the institute to tap into.

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Entrepreneurial SpiritAdvantages of a Strong Alumni Network

  • Alumni are ambassadors of an institute. Their professional achievements and performance adds a lot of credit to the institute from which they have passed out.
  • They serve as a source of inspiration for the students studying in their alma mater.
  •  A strong alumni association provides various platforms to the alumni to bond with each other and increase their network.
  • Established alumni are frequently called to the campus to interact with the current batch of students and share their experience of life after graduating from the institute.

Tapmi Alumni

Entrepreneurial SpiritAdvantages of Alumni Resource-From Students’ Perspective

If you are an MBA student, joining an institute with a strong alumni network can come in handy both in your life at campus and professional careers in the future.

  • Regular interactions with alumni create long lasting bonds. Students can seek advice related to subject combinations, internships, scholarships, placements etc.
  • As students see for themselves the careers the alumni have established for themselves after graduating from the institute, they grow more committed to the institute and start respecting it even more. 
  • The alumni success stories serve as a source of inspiration for the students, who look up to the alumni because their success seems relatable and achievable. 
  • It is not uncommon for alumni to offer scholarships to students who deserve it or are in need. 
  • The advice given by alumni is rooted in practical experience and makes more sense as they share the same starting experiences that students of the current batch have. 
  • At times, when students face a dilemma or have to take a pivotal decision, with respect to their careers or professional growth, alumni proves to be a vital resource to provide such kind of advice. 
  • Strong connections with the alumni can open up other avenues for students and help them enhance their network.

Entrepreneurial SpiritAlumni Strength at TAPMI

The T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) has a rich pool of alumni, who remain connected with the institute long after passing out.

  • It boasts of a strong alumni base of 7000+ alumni, spread across various countries and continents. 
  • The alumni of TAPMI have imbibed a certain set of values during their stay at TAPMI, which they share with the on-roll students of the institute, thus ensuring a strong legacy.
  • Regular interactions between the alumni and current students help the students gain an insight into the nuances of corporate life.
  • The Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) works relentlessly to enhance alumni connections and create a vibrant community:
  1. ARC organises batch meets, city meets and international meets.
  2. Initiatives like Aspire and Vision have been launched to ensure better communication between the students and the alumni.
  3. Programs like Continuing Education For Alumni (CEFA), call on the alumni to give them exposure to the latest trends in the business world.
  4. Through these platforms, the alumni too gets a chance to engage with the leaders of tomorrow and gain fresh perspectives.


The alumni of an institute can prove to be an underrated yet the most crucial resource for the current batch of the institute and the institute itself. Therefore, institutions have special associations and committees to handle their alumni network. This is where TAPMI scores over its competitors.

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