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"Creativity is intelligence having fun." -- Albert Einstein

What could be a better combination of creativity and intelligence? Nothing literally.

Established in 2008, SOIL Institute of Management has witnessed over 1200 creators graduated with flying colours from our full-time post graduation programs. Over these 12 years of academic excellence provided by SOIL Institute of Management, it is co-created by a group of 32 Multinational and Indian companies and 25 NGOs from across industry verticals who believe in creating leaders.

The Two Year Full-Time Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Business Design creates an enabling environment which ignites the passion in students to learn, through an innovative and creative curriculum designed by the most experienced faculty team.

This program does not make you a just professional but a creative and innovative global leader.

What makes PGDM in Soil Institute of Management so unique?

The learning process at SOIL Institute of Management not just limited to classroom training. The experiential learning here enables students to work for “human-centred innovation” based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines liberal arts, design thinking and management education.

The experiential immersions at SOIL have been designed for the students to get a deep understanding and a real-time exposure to people, business and environment. The program includes a 3 week unlearning orientation, global immersion, social innovation projects and much more, to make the students market ready from the very first day.

And not to forget, top leaders from India collaborated in creating this management program which caters the business and environmental needs of current times.

SOIL Institute of Management follows a model of teaching students by sharing of ideas. This helps the students to develop a creative hunch towards the program. This encourages students to actively participate in their own learning experience through practical activities such as problem-solving, independent investigation and out box ideations.

The PGDM program at SOIL Institute of Management includes a 5 day mandatory theatre program with the nation’s best theatre teachers to address and strengthen an individual’s value system. Theatre activity brings in a positive personal development in their physical, verbal and psychological self-expression through a very creative and innovative story line or concept.

Why PGDM in Business Design?

SOIL Institute of Management helps and nurtures the students who are willing to make a difference in the business segment of the country, and have a keen urge to innovate and create more developments in this sector.

The program offers great flexibility for students to select their choice of specialisation. Students are advised to have an open mind and explore the curriculum during Year 1 and choose their area of interest after semester 3. The following specialisations are offered to the students after completion of minimum 42 credits:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Analytics

Today’s business sector values soft skills more than ever. The foundation program at SOIL Institute of Management aims at teaching the students to inculcate the creative spark in them through the following:

  • How to communicate your ideas;
  • Find and analyze information and data;
  • Adapt to new technology and professional trends;
  • Work with others to solve problems;
  • Make confident, knowledgeable decisions.

What is in for Creative Minds?

PGDM in Business Design is way more than books. SOIL Institute of Management has a club to match almost every interest of its student. This creates a comradeship and stronger bonds between the students.

Below are the clubs and committees for the best of the creative minds:

  • Toastmasters Club
  • Music Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Wine Club
  • Cinema Club
  • Dramatics Club
  • Investors Club and many more.

The learning process, here at, SOIL Institute of Management would give you the chance to unleash your creative potential and emerge as a global leader.

So, if you think you are creative, and this will make a big difference. Then hurry up and Apply for SOIL Institute of Management.

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