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What will Management look like in the next 100 years

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Management in 100 years

With the introduction of new management tools and software, the management landscape has seen a dramatic shift. Desktop applications, cloud and web-based tools, automation, and AI- all these are contributing to quick changes in the management industry. 

Since we cannot ignore the fact that management tools and software will keep on advancing with technology, it would be interesting to think about what the future has in store for managers and how will management look like in the next 100 years

 The future management scenario will be highly flexible in order to adapt to the fast-paced external environment changes. In the next 100 years, new forms of management models will be required since the organizational structure will change from traditional to virtual.

Virtual organizational management

In the future, there will be virtual organizations as compared to the traditional ones that we see today. There is a big difference between the nature and dynamics of leadership in a virtual space and that of a conventional organization. 
The management of the future will emphasize more on supporting and enhancing employee problem-solving skills and knowledge, which will be the complete opposite of employee monitoring that is done today. There will be no 9-5s and the employees will have the flexibility to get the work done. 

Remote or Hybrid work environment

The standard 8-10 hours work culture is already impacted by COVID-19. This is just the beginning. The employees of today care more about individual empowerment and flexibility than good managers. 

However, work-from-home culture comes with its own set of challenges like irregularity in schedules, always on-the-go work environment, women facing challenges juggling between home and work, etc. The managers of tomorrow would be making flexible work arrangements to overcome the challenges associated with remote work. A hybrid mode of work would be practiced more. 

The use of predictive analytics

It is a field that is relatively new to the management. However, with advances in technology, the rate of accuracy in predictions would certainly be high and it would be quite easy to plan budgets, schedules, and other business activities.
Social changes with new management

Shorter, project-based, and more fluid organizational structures will be the new normal. As we can see that many companies have laid off a large number of employees, including Amazon, Accenture, Indeed, Twitter, Meta, and others since AI and virtual mode of work have taken over. 

In the future, there will be a new form of the labor market. The future managers will be highly skilled in terms of technology and will be offering their management services to multiple organizations. The future will be more focused on skills and education and there will be a lot of competition. 

In the next 100 years, managers would be able to provide services on a global scale, which will lead to a multi-polar global economic landscape. 

The future of the managers would be bright indeed. Even though we have evolved in technology, in 2123, people will look back to our time today and will consider it highly backward. Just like we consider the time that was 100 years ago. 

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