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When it comes to an Indian Institute of Management, one may ponder about the brand image and fundamental reputation that an IIM upholds. As a budding manager settling into the management ecosystem, I can already sense the brand equity of IIM in this unique brief experience of my One-Year MBA Program.     

Efficient Alumni Support

A crucial part of any IIM is its alums. Alums are nowadays driving big corporates throughout the globe, establishing a robust alum community. The alums also play a vital role in sensitising the incoming batches. The alums were helpful before and during the orientation, addressing any relevant concerns instantly (via webinars/one-on-one connects). Support sessions and mentoring programs wherein mentors are assigned to all the students as per their interest areas in academics and career progression is an added support.

In my short experience wherein I walked in with some understanding regarding the kind of exit opportunities I might look forward to, interacting with mentors and alums has given me more clarity in this regard. They helped me prepare a 3-month roadmap, which makes me feel more confident about the recruitment process. 

Pedagogy & Flexible Domains

The methods and teaching experience that one undergoes at an IIM is very different from any other non-IIM management institute. It is unique and suitable in a way that provides a learning exhibit even in a high-pressure corporate world.

The pace at which an institute adapts as per the current needs of the industry is another factor. Every year, the feedback of alums is taken into account, so that the curriculum accurately captures the evolving needs of the times. The range of electives offered to us this year is a testament to the same. Students can opt to deep dive into any of the sub-domains of the Supply Chain of his/her choice (Retail/Single and Omnichannel E-Commerce/Analytics/Circular Economy).  

Guest lectures conducted by various forums/clubs have also been an important element of the learning process. Ranging from various industries, (Start-Ups, IT Consulting, Manufacturing, etc.) these sessions have added a practical dimension to the various topics covered in the classroom. Seeing everyday classroom concepts come alive in a corporate setting is something that enhances the recall value of our overall learning experience.

IIMs curriculum and projects are designed in a way wherein students have to apply the learnings with select companies/simulated environments. In the class of 2022, the entire batch is running a manufacturing set-up in a virtual environment. Coming from the industry, I can attest to the fact that this experience was far more enriching than any internship that I have completed. Overall, the institute has successfully been able to spark the curiosity of the students towards the domain of Operations, such that hands-on learning and honing the relevant skill-sets will be a happenstance by-product. I have rarely come across such a bunch of highly motivated students in my academic experience.

Industry Recognition

Time and again big corporates have come at the doors of IIMs and have marked industry presence by hiring fresh managers. The recognition received from top management firms and MNCs proves the worthiness of graduating from an IIM. 

The extensive networking opportunities that are presented at IIMs as a part of many academic and co-curricular events such as cultural fests, workshops, seminars and other developments, allows students to build their entrepreneurial connections. Additionally, graduates who are embarking on their startups receive a head start from the investors that participate in the incubation programs of the IIMs.    


Overall the experience has been challenging and rewarding by an equal measure. The institute has been receptive to the changing ecosystem of the industry and the challenges our current circumstances throw up, specifically in terms of making up for the lack of a physical classroom (We were onboarded on our campus in a prompt and seamless fashion). Nothing can replace the classroom experience in its entirety, but at least I am in the company of 36 like-minded, supportive and enterprising batchmates. So far, so good!

About the Author:

Rohit is currently a management student of IIM Udaipur (1 Year MBA in Global Supply Chain Management). He has also completed a degree in Chemical Engineering from HBTI - Kanpur and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Liberal Studies from Ashoka University (Young India Fellowship, 2017 cohort). 

He has worked in the capacity of a Supply Planner with an FMCG major in the Middle East (UAE), as a Social Impact Consultant with Edelgive Foundation (Education and Skilling projects), and an Operations Strategy Consultant with a rural E-Commerce initiative in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Besides work, he is a connoisseur of global cinema and enjoys playing Table-Tennis.

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